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On this website you will get lots of guides related to Air Tools so that you can get a proper understanding of various features, factors, types of tools before you plan to make purchase.

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I understand that buying these tools involves a lot of money and therefore it is essential to check out reviews, feedback from other customers before finalizing on a product best for you. But mostly there are multiple sites where you need to go to, spend hours reading different individual reviews and still you might not be completely sure of the best tool for your needs.

That is why I have compiled list of only best products and categorized them so that you can choose the right tool with complete confidence without wasting time.

You can read my comprehensive reviews and get to know which product is best for you as per your needs. I try to cover good and bad sides of the products so that you are able to build a holistic understanding.

Comprehensive Guide on Air Compressors

1Many DIY Tools need a power unit which in this case is Air Compressor and therefore to start with we have decided to focus our attention towards them as they are the building blocks for any of the tools you will be utilizing.

You can check out our awesome guide which covers everything about Air compressors and learn about the top brands of portable air compressors in the market and the key features, factors you should look for before pulling the trigger.

Most people are usually not sure which models they should buy. But apparently, both the professionals and enthusiastic DIYers have a preference for air tools than electric models. This is because pneumatic tools are faster, more safe, efficient, and user-friendly than their electric counterparts.


Guide on Orbital Sanders

Orbital Sander Featured

Sanders are tools that use pneumatic or electric power sources for making a surface smooth. There are various types of sanders out there but in this guide we take a look at different random orbital sanders & also pick out our favorites in various categories as per usage & need.


Detailed Guide on Angle Grinders

Angle Grinders Featured

Angle Grinders are great power tools that are used for various cutting, grinding, polishing needs. Again these can be operated using Air compressors, electric motors or petrol engines. You can read our guide on Top Angle Grinders which features some of the good varieties of angle as well as die grinders which you can utilize for your DIY projects or at your workplace.


Buying Guide on Nail Guns

Nail Gun Featured

A nailer, also referred to as a nailgun is utilized for inserting nails in wood. It is a carpenter’s best friend because it has the ability to put all those nails into various kinds of materials. You can read our guide on various kinds of nail guns (Framing, Finish, Brad etc.) so that you can utilize this great tool for your next woodworking project.


Buying Guide on Power Saws

Best Power Saw

Power saws are a great tool for cutting operations during a home improvement project. These can be cordless or corded. Also Power Saws are of different types like Reciprocating, Jigsaw, Tile Saw, Circular Saw etc. You can read our guide on power saws for your construction, maintenance projects.


Ultimate Guide on Tower Fans

Tower FansTower Fans are an excellent way to cool a large area in an efficient manner. Generally Tower Fans are costly than standard pedestal varieties, also they are more stable and less likely to be flipped over.

Some high end versions also come with Air Ionizers which is useful for removing the allergens from the air and pollutants. You can see our comprehensive guide about Top Rated Tower Fans and see the Top 5 Brands in the market, what are the features you should identify before finalizing the model for your home.

Why you should go for Air Tools?

Air tools are mostly regarded as industrial grade equipment designed for heavy-duty repair and construction and therefore they outdo electric tools considerably. Following are some points which make air tools superior to electric tools:

Source of Power

The air tools are driven by compressed air and they need an air compressor in order to work, but electric air compressors must have electricity to function. Thus, gas-powered air compressors eliminate the dependence on electricity making them more appropriate for job site applications that lack access to electricity supply.  Besides, air tools normally use lesser power than electric devices.


Air tools are more powerful than electric tools. This is because air compressors tend to create considerable power. When this air is released, and as it tries to attain its original volume, it creates gusts of energy. This surplus energy gives air tools exceptional power, thus making them by far more superior to electric tools.

Electric tools run at a lower RPM, air pressure (Pounds per Square Inch or PSI), and horsepower. Hence, electric tools take more time to complete a job during a project and as a result the task is performed slower than air tools.

Power-to-weight Ratio

Air tools are relatively smaller than electric tools.  This is because their main motors are not within their main body and they are powered by air compressors while the electric tools have huge motors within their main frame which makes them heavier. Thus, air tools provide more power-to-weight ratio since they are lighter.


A large number of air tools are versatile and can be operated using a single air compressor.  Also, air tools can be used constantly without the risk of burnouts while every electric tool needs its individual set of batteries and cords that cannot be used interchangeably. The motor in an electric tool requires the user to use it occasionally as continuous use tends to heat it up.


Air tools are comparatively durable and do not require regular maintenance since they do not have complex parts inside them. Also, the cost of their repair and replacement is relatively lesser than that of electric models.


Air tools are much safer to use since no electric power passes through the main air tool. It remains confined within the motor of the air compressor hence there is no risk of electric shocks posed to the user. Besides, air tools can be used safely in wet conditions.


The cost of any tool normally depends on its brand, features provided, as well as its quality.  Air tools are cheaper as compared to electric models that is, if you already have an air compressor. Ultimately, a range of air tools can be used on a single air compressor hence the total cost of owning air tools will be reduced.

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