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Internet has been one of the best things invented by mankind. And in the age of internet it’s a lot more easier to do things on your own than to have to rely on others.

Internet has brought with itself a wide range of Do It Yourself activities, or DIY as we simply call it. The trend is so huge that everything can be done by a person on their own, as long as they know where to find it.

Whether it’s the leaky tap in the bathroom that needs to be fixed, or the garden which needs to be redone or airbrushing your motorbike using air compressor.What was that gorgeous eye makeup that Keira Knightley had on at the Oscars or is there a cheaper way to build that adorable clock you saw at Ikea?

Well, DIY and Tutorials have solved all of these problems for us. Whether it’s home decor on the cheap side using bare minimum tools like finishing nailer, or makeup tutorials from the red carpets, you can find almost anything if you look in the right place.

DIYs have become a part of our life, and rather intricately at that. Who would want to go to the Home Store and spend a couple hundred dollars on a table, which can be built using the internet for far less. Or why bother going to the salon across the city for that hairstyle, when you can just look up a tutorial video.

Since we all rely so heavily, yet beautifully on DIY, I thought, why not compile a list of 100 Popular DIY blogs that you must follow. I have picked blogs from 4 DIY categories (Home, Crafts, Beauty & Fashion). Please note the list is not in any ranking order.

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***Home DIY (Home Improvement, Home Design & Decor, Garden)***

1. The Painted Hive by Kristine

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Kristine claims to be a self taught interior decorator and is otherwise a home-maker, with a liking for home improvement on a budget. On her blog, Kristine has a plethora of project ideas for shelves, chairs, sideboards, dressers, fireplaces, armoire, etc. to name a few. 

Also available on her blog are craft ideas, room makeover projects, paint effects, decor ideas for lamps and lighting, walls, window treatments, soft furnishings, etc.

She also has a rich ‘How To’ section with posts focused on effects and projects otherwise given on the blog.

2. Fleur De Londres by Natalia

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Based out of London, Natalia has worked on a number of publications and Fleur de Londres was also featured on the Modenus Top 100 Interior Design Blogs for the year 2013.

Her blog has a wide variety of posts to look for. Since she covers everything she thinks worth covering, she writes on Architecture, design and art, automobiles, bathrooms, beauty, rooms, furnishings and home decor, interior designs, lifestyle, travel, fashion and workspace, amongst a plethora of other topics, I would have loved to talk about, albeit the paucity of time and space. However do make a stop at her blog and have your senses enthralled!

3. Centsational Girl by Kate

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Kate is a renovator who loves to work on a budget. Her prime destinations, as she claims, are thrift stores, retail shops and home improvement centres. Her blog is all about bring ‘affordable style to your home’. The “projects” section features her popular projects such as DIY Wood + White Console, Fireplace Makeover, Kitchen Remodel, etc.

She covers home improvement projects, art and craft projects, fabric projects, furniture makeovers, home decoration, fall and winter holiday projects, outdoor and garden projects to name a few. A look into the “Style Files” section takes you through a collection of articles, decorating series, resources, etc.

4. DIY Inspired by Dinah

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As the name suggests, this blog is all about DIY. The blog has sections on DIY for Crafts, Holiday projects, Special Occasions, Home & Garden and Health & Beauty.

The Crafts Section covers craft ideas for kids, paper, burlap, felt, Masor Jar, Dollar Bin and Stenciling projects. The Holidays section includes Halloween, thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year, back to School, etc. Special Occasions is inclusive of Theme parties, Bridal and baby Showers, weddings, birthdays, etc.

She also covers Bath & Body, DIY Accessories, health and fitness along with cleaning tips in the Health & Beauty section. The Home & Garden section includes storage, organization, Artwork and gardening amongst other topics.

5. Home Decorating & Staging by Alex Hinst

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This blog is a way to get inside secrets for a perfectly staged and done home. The blog is managed by Alex who brings together real-life examples, before and after pictures and step by step instructions for all the projects.

The various sections that have been covered are furniture arrangement, table displays, color, current trends and techniques for excitement at home. Their projects include re-modelling bedroom, offices, dining rooms and furniture; home organization, decluttering, closets – big or small, kitchen cabinets; rugs, mirrors, coffee tables, nightstands, etc.

There are more tips for staging the décor of your home. Apart from tips on creating your dream house, you can also find tips for selling your home. The blog offers a wide range of ideas and services for everyone and every home!

6. Interior Frugalista by Marie

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Marie is also a believer of having a beautiful home, and not letting monetary limitations stop you. That is what began her interest in DIY and the blog was created.

She has done up her whole house with help from her husband, using material from thrift stores, antique malls, and flea markets. Her blog includes furniture, outdoor projects, home decor, room makeovers amongst other things.

7. Dagmar’s Home by Dagmar Bleasdale

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The blog has tips on décor, thrifty interior designs, vintage treasures, green and clean living and organic food. The DIY projects here are totally inexpensive for instance the dish towels for curtains idea!

DIY projects include shutters with picket fences, lanterns with pumpkins, backyard pallet desk, fall wreath out of spring wreath, wall gallery with embroidery hoops, teacher’s day gift ideas, easy ways to add storage to kids’ room, refinishing furniture with Amy Howard paint, vintage cups for table scape and much more!

Apart from this, there are posts on interior decoration; tips on parenting, breastfeeding and natural birth. You’ll find enough information on clean and green living and banishing artificial products.

8. Simply Designing by Ashley

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At Simply Designing, there is a lot for a visitor to go through. Ashley’s blog has a wide variety of crafts, DIY, recipes, travel, beauty, and home decor related posts. The video section is also equally fun with tutorials to go through. The Seasonal section has a lot of holiday projects and ideas for a visitor to go through.

9. iHeart Organizing by Jen

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There are a lot of extreme organizers out there, who seem to be like Monica from F.R.I.E.N.D.S. So if you are into Organizing, trust me, Jen’s blog is the place for you. When you open up her project gallery, it proves to you that organizing can be fun, relaxing and beautiful.

She includes articles on Kids & School, entry ways, living rooms and family rooms, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, laundry, office, storage, budgeting, memos and I’m just getting started. The home and DIY section is another thing that you absolutely must look up. So trust me when I say this, her website is an organizer’s heaven.

10. Desert Domicile by Caitlin

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She lives in the desert, and she loves to DIY. Caitlin has wonderful DIY project collection with coasters, jewellery, card holders, shelves, frames, desks and console tables, pillows covers, wall hooks, clocks sculptures, planter, etc. The list is endless. Open up the link and browse through for some amazing ideas!

11. Homey Oh My by Amy

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Amy dedicates her blog to modern style, simple yet creative living ideas and minimal Scandinavian designs. Her blog is mainly a DIY and lifestyle blog and on it you can find several easy tutorials related to design and inspiration. To add a touch of herself, some of the posts are about her and her life in LA.

12. View Along the Way by Kelly

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Kelly’s DIY journey started when she tried to convert her house from “a once tragic foreclosure into something a little less tragic”. She’s been working on her house doing tiny projects and making progress by recording it all on her blog.

She tries out different stuff, learns from it and shares it with her readers. Her blog has a category called projects and another which is the shop. Her projects section has a decorating section, a room makeover, home improvements, knockoffs, lighting, make overs of thrift shop finds, woodworking and construction, holidays seasons and special occasions, etc.

Another interesting past is her Decorating 101 series that is useful for beginners. Tips and Hacks are also a part of her blog.

13. Cuckoo 4 Design by Julia

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Born and brought up in Germany, Julia studied art and loves creating stuff. A marketing internship brought her to the United States, and while she misses her home, her work and projects are what act as a source of happiness and distraction, apart from her family.

Her favourite thing in the world is “transforming an ugly piece of furniture” and her projects are her “safe place”. Her blog features DIY projects such as organizing and cleaning, ‘stuff I do and make’, downloadable art, DIY ideas, quirky home decor ideas, etc. She also has a travel section.

14. 100 Things to Do by Shelly

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Shelly’s blog is about living, having fun and making people happy. Her blog is a collection of crafts, recipes, DIY, organizing skills, and refurbishing or repurposing ideas and tips.

First off, I’m gonna talk about the 100 things section. When you open up the blog, you come across a lot of articles, most of which are basically a list of 100 things you can do before a certain thing, such as a post that talks about ‘100 Things to Do before Christmas’, ‘100 Things You Can Reduce/Reuse/Recycle Today’ and ‘100 Random Acts of Kindness’. There’s a whole lot of them for you to go through.

The Hot Topics category has posts related to recipes, cleaning, decor, organization, holidays and home tours. In the DIY section you can find Before and After, Build It, refinish/repurpose and craft projects. The Kid’s section has Kid’s crafts, games/fun and party ideas, while the Mom Stuff section has books, gift ideas and health/fitness.

15. DIY Home Staging Tips by Barbara

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Barbara developed her love for designing by shifting around and rearranging the furniture in her doll house. She has perpetually enjoyed making houses and living places more beautiful. Her expertise is in recycling and repurposing, and she has made houses pretty, sold them and told people how to do it in her books.

Her project gallery shows a lot of beautiful before and after pictures and other posts such as painting furniture, upcycling thrift shop stuff, home staging ideas, fountains, cushions, etc.

16. AM Dolce Vita by Michelle

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By profession, Michelle is a software sales executive, but her hobby is blogging amongst a list of other things that include gardening, designing, travelling and photography.

On the top of it, her blog is about DIY and Home improvements with projects that focus on Bathrooms and Living Rooms. She also has a bunch of Before and After projects. She also offers Designs Boards on her website and the DIY tab includes topics dealing with makeovers, assembling and hacks for us mere mortals to try and turn our houses around. You can also take a home tour through her website.

17. The Happy Homebodies by Jordan

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Jordan uses her creativity and her husband’s skills to come up with the most innovative DIY projects that you will absolutely love when you go through them. Her website has a home tour and bunch of other categories such as Then & Now, Tutorial & DIY, Party Ideas, and Murals & Artworks.

Then & Now section has pictures from the house before makeover and after they were done with it. Tutorials and DIY have posts such as building fountains, closets, chandeliers, bookcases, etc. Murals & Artworks is another section if you want to pretty up your plain walls. The party ideas will take you through an array of ideas to jazz up your rooms before calling the neighbours over.

18. The House of Smiths by Shelly and Cason

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Shelly and Cason are a married couple and the blog was started to keep a track of the home remodelling and designing projects. The entire designing on a budget has led them to create beautiful designing, organizing and upgradation ideas at affordable prices.

The project gallery has an abundance of posts for visitors to go through, dealing in everything from walls, frames, rugs, pillow covers, towel hangers, wall treatments, makeover, shelves, pictures galleries, headboards, etc. Tossed in between are a few recipes here and there.

19. Ugly Duckling House by Sarah

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Sarah’s blog ideas come from remodelling her own house. She hopes to turn her ugly duckling house into a swan. On her blog, you can find the house tour and a project gallery. In the project gallery you’ll find articles related to the holidays, outside, renovation, painting, crafts, kitchen, decor, bathroom and life. She also has Build it, Before and after and some quick and easy home improvement ideas for one to go through and find something they like.

20. Dans Le Lakehouse by Tanya

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Tanya shares her DIY projects, recipes and decor ideas on the blog. Her website offers a tour into her lake house and the townhouse along with other stuff.

The DIY projects are divided into simple categories: kitchen & dining accessories, art & home decor, DIY furniture & furniture makeovers, sewing tutorials, home renovation & repairs, holiday projects and ideas, jewellery & clothes and projects for kids & pets.

Posts include the likes of dip & dye napkins, candles, mirrors, mats, pillow covers, curtains, painting various surfaces, etc. The holidays projects include bottle brush Christmas trees in miniature, holiday ornaments, wreaths, centrepieces, etc.

21. Paper and Stitch by Brittni Mehlhoff

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What started off as catalogue for Brittni’s inspiration is now a small business. The blog has loads of ideas for DIY, home décor, fashion and more. The DIY section has posts on Halloween, stitching rugs, a sitting cum storage studio, a patchwork towel/duvet, etc.

The interiors section has modern DIY projects for all nooks and corners of your home. My favourite is the food section with fancy recipes from all over the globe! The Fashion section comes with plenty of easy and sassy ideas to look great. The travel section is lively and informative.

22. Young House Love by John and Sherry

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John and Sherry are 3 houses old with 2 lovely kids. This a couple that loves to have fun, which shows evidently in their artful work!

Their work ranges from eco-friendly upgrades to creating frame galleries. On their website you’ll see they’ve dabbled a lot into home improvement projects like making old grout look new.

Other projects include painting, decorations, furniture upgrades, exterior upgrades, artsy things, organizational tasks, kid-friendly household things and holiday ideas; all for a small spend.

They’ve authored two books and the latest one is a fun-colouring book. You’ll find all this and more on their blog. They’ve links for all the best buys!

23. Shanty 2 Chics by Ashley and Whitney

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These sisters are DIY queens who create beautiful homes. They’ve turned their hobby into a career and through tutorials, encourage people to pick up the tools and go at it! Their projects include building planters, high back chairs, hidden study with sliding doors, bookcases, wine racks, dog houses, kids’ vanity, etc.

The blog is updated frequently with new videos and projects. Anyone who wants to try imitating their projects can go to the “tools” section for understanding the process and usage of tools.

You can easily contact the sisters for any help or ideas for you home. If you have used their ideas, you can have your finished project featured on their blog by filling out a simple form.

24. Remodelaholic by Cassity and Justin

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This blog is run and updated by a couple who have till date remodeled about five houses. The blog is for entertainment purposes, showcasing projects by the couple or  projects submitted by the readers. There are plenty of tutorials related to interior and exterior decor.

DIY section includes posts on wooden memo board, coffee table with drink cooler, bedroom decors ideas, flower pots, pocket shelf, bathroom makeover, etc. The blog also talks about easy recipes for meals, parties, kids’, desserts, holiday specials, drinks and appetizers. You can find all of this and more on the videos uploaded by them regularly.

25. The Inspired Room by Melissa

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Melissa is the creator of the blog which inspires people to decorate their homes on their own, easily. She has been honoured twice by Better Homes and Gardens magazines. She has authored four books, all available on Amazon or Barnes and Noble.

The blog is a mix of many ideas and ventures. You can find beautiful DIYs for your bedrooms, bathrooms, gardens and other interiors under various heads like choose by pattern, room, style, etc. She also gives out tips for holiday decorations and outdoors. There are before and after posts for comparison. If you want, you can shop her favourites from the blog itself. The blog also offers a tour of all the houses that have been decorated by Melissa.

26. The Shabby Creek Cottage by Gina

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Gina is a décor obsessed blogger who has uploaded various projects and ideas on this blog. If you want, you might as well download her book on DIY and other interesting things.

Her DIY projects include painting furniture, coasters, how to use old doors, planters, wall decorations, outdoors, lamps, pillow covers, accessories for your home and self, headboards, curtains, etc.

You can also find quirky ideas for decorations and re-modelling of rooms; plenty of tips are available for easy DIYs. There are several wonderful recipes for meals, desserts, drinks and appetizers.

27. Pretty Handy Girl by Brittany

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The blog is run by a mother of two who accidently stumbled into the world of DIYs and now has two businesses apart from managing the blog. If you’re looking for some amazing ideas and inspiration to do up your home, do give this a read.

You can find her projects which include painting and antiquing techniques, small fixes, art and craft, sewing, gift ideas, a little electrical and plumbing works tutorial, building things at home and tutorials for using power tools.

She also gives tips for maintenance of auto, gardening and landscaping and photography. The blog also has great recipes to try out and have a party at your new DIY-ed home!

28. House Tweaking by Dana

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A former pharmacist, Dana’s love for decors and DIY happened while re-modelling her own home. She later changed homes and bought a run-down place, which was transformed beautifully into their new home. The blog extensively covers the renovations, interior designs ideas, DIY and other at-the-moment inspiring things!

The categories that are talked about are budget décor, housekeeping, DIY ideas, kitchens by IKEA, bed and bath designs, kids’ room, organizing your home, slight to major renovations tips and tricks, tweaking around the house and inspiration to do this. You will also find posts on delicious recipes, beauty tips, fashion updates from around the world and ideas for giveaways.

29. Vintage Revivals by Mandi

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Vintage Revival is a blog that documents large scale re-modelling and decorations of a home into an entirely new space! It shares pictures and tutorials for all the projects undertaken by Mandi. Also, those who get inspired from her ideas and want to be featured on her blog can do so by either sending your photos or using the mentioned hashtags on twitter and Instagram.

Her projects include 15 minute DIY gold bracket shelves, ladder shelves, slatted headboards, wall patterns, bathroom makeovers, wooden picture frames, painted rugs, pillow revivals, etc.

You can find transformed rooms under the “Reveal rooms” section. It comes in handy while deciding your designs. There’s an online shopping option as well for you to select your items without any trouble.

30. All Things Thrifty by Brooke

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Brooke doesn’t take interior designing and her DIY talent lightly. This passion has earned her some name as well as good money! On the blog, you will find information about her past projects, current ones, DIY tricks, room makeover posts, How-To posts, etc.

If you want, the team at All Things Thrifty can even have a customized décor planned for you. Her projects include bedroom makeovers, jewellery chests, metal chests, DIY outdoor drink station, Kids’ play tent, scrap wood mirror, holiday designs, upholstery, etc.

You will also find girly things like cleaning tips, party ideas, gifts and party favour ideas. The blog also doesn’t misses out on giving tips related to meals, appetizers, desserts, drinks and much more.

31. Manhattan Nest by Daniel

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Daniel offers a wide range of services, ideas, tutorials and inspiration through his blog. He has re-modelled various homes right from scratch and has great ideas for your hideout, too!

On the blog you will find proper documentation and description of all the houses that Daniel has re-modelled over the year. The pictures, description and videos keep you in the loop and showcase the entire transformation without unnecessary edits.

There are various DIY tutorials for revamping parts and places like chimneys, fireplace, benches, fences, outdoors, etc. Apart from this, you would find a section that gives us an idea about the latest trends and things preferred by Daniel. Lastly, there’s a quick insight to all the freelance projects that he took up recently.

32. Wilker Do’s by April

Blog Link

April started building things that were available in the market for extravagant prices. What started as a DIY project for her home has now become a blog visited by thousands of people for DIY ideas and tips. She believes that even if it takes you a week to build a box, build it. You can find ideas for free or ask for her professional advice.

The blog enables its viewers to shop for the required items easily; plus, she has mentioned all the things that have been used in the projects till date. The projects include DIYs like building gates and boxes around fence posts, cedar fence, salt shaker, utensils holder, sliding barn door, storage wooden crates, growth chart ruler, etc. You can follow her steps easily via her videos!

33. Décor Chick by Emily

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Emily is a home-maker who took to designing as pursuance of her passion. The blog has plenty of ideas for a quick DIY, major re-modelling, decorations, molding, painting and everything beautiful. There’s a tour of her current house showcasing all the DIYs and designs by her.

Her projects revolve around bookshelves, spring mantels, DIY fairy garden, pantry organization, and fall decoration tips, etc. This also includes molding, painting and various crafty ideas for added effects. You can also find some great tips for room makeovers. She has also offered expertise in party ideas, food and drinks and weight loss techniques; inspired by her own journey.

34. DIY Diva by Kit

Blog Link

Kit has spent quite a lot of time with DIY projects, re-modelling houses or designing them, managing a farm and running the website. Here, you will find all the latest updates and even her first-ever project!

The site offers an inside look into all her hard work and great aesthetic sense. Her main focus is building or re-building houses, which have been documented in the “before and after” manner.

Apart from that, she builds things like moonshine bottles into lamps, wooden toolboxes, wooden wall art, picnic tables, cedar garden beds, etc. You will also find useful information like how to lay wall tile, floor tile, build a fence, install sink faucet, hanging a wallboard yourself, etc.

35. Ana White by Ana White

Blog Link

The blog goes by the name of the owner who has a great aesthetic sense. The blog focusses on necessity and therefore, offers valuable information on how to build you dream on a tight budget. Her first project was their home.

You can find building plans for a lot of things, some main attractions being patio, upholstery, storage cabinets, sturdy beds, barn greenhouse, playhouse, sandbox, shelves, outdoor décor and furniture, office furniture, bunk beds, tables, etc.

The site has all these things categorically mentioned for each room, preference and budgets. You can ask for conversion and precise measurements as per your needs. For better guidance you can also buy her book “Handbuilt Home” available on Amazon.

36. At The Picket Fence by Vanessa and Heather

Blog Link

The blog is collectively run by two sisters, married and inspired to do some little tweaking around the place. They are DIY-ers and self-proclaimed designers. The blog is host to various ideas and tips for everyone trying to make their home beautiful.

Their projects include wall arts, pumpkin white and gold decoupage, American flag candle log, planters, leaf necklaces, fall giveaways, kitchen cabinet makeover, antique table-set for kids, bedroom nightstand, bathroom makeover, window seat décor, hot cocoa station, memory bench, Christmas tree stand, etc.

You’ll also find recipes of delicious meals, snacks, drinks, desserts, appetizers, etc. Apart from this, there are plenty of ideas to have the best party in town or enjoy a festival to the most with new decorations, gifts, food items and never-ending guest list!

37. The DIY Village by Matt and Jacque

Blog Link

This is a super convenient and adorable blog managed by a couple who started this journey while trying to make a place their home. Ever since, they have inspired a lot of people to try out new things for a better home.

Their projects include anything and everything a home may need like bathroom organizer, side table, pantry cabinets, tulip door wreaths, dollhouse, wall art, etc. You can also view the before and after posts of various projects, for instance the laundry room reveal, bookcase makeover, reclaimed barn wood mirror, storage cube makeover and bathroom makeover.

There are classic ideas for enjoying and celebrating holidays and occasions without burning a hole in your pockets. A tiny home tour is also on the website! You can track their new projects via the Honey-Do list on the blog.

38. Funky Junk Interiors by Donna

Blog Link

For Donna, managing the blog is a full-time career now. The blog showcases her projects and other experiences while she comes up with awesome ideas for DIYs, decors and much more.

Her projects include pallet wood outdoor chair, wall art, and stencil signs on walls or furniture. She also gives a full home or room tours to her viewers year wise. You will find valuable information on gardening, outdoor décor, Christmas tree, etc.

For photography enthusiasts, this blog hands out tips and tricks for getting you masterpieces easily! Apart from this, Donna has a drop-down for all other things like bloggings tips, inspirations, party ideas, etc.

39. Home Repair Tutor by Jeff Patterson

Blog Link

If you want to fix your home and make it look awesome, Jeff has the best DIYs and other tips for the same. You can also look through his home for a better understanding of his artsy ideas.

You might also want to check out Repair Tutorials that teach laymen tiling, hanging a drywall in bathroom doorway, soldering tips, installing pex pipes, build a walk-in shower, install a bathtub, roxul insulation, how to install a water shut off valve in just 9 minutes and more!

He also offers course for newbies like how to tile a shower, bathroom repair tutor, etc. which can be learnt at your own pace.

40. Makely by Lindsay Ballard

Blog Link

The blog is the perfect combination of easy tips and fun ways to make your home lively! Lindsay is a DIY fanatic and essential oils lover, who works with the help of her husband Tom. You can find various DIY décor tips like updating her kitchen table, updating the kitchen with frogtape, painting and other décor ideas.

Her projects include making dressers, painting beds, chairs, vanity tables, turning a crib rail into a bookshelf, how to paint laminate furniture, slipcovering a wooden rocking chair, 1960s stereo cabinet redo, etc.

She also broadcasts healthy living on her blog by emphasizing enough on various essential oils and their benefits, over-all family wellness and home care tips. You can also shop for some products from the shop on the blog, or contact for expertise.

41. Pink Toes and Power Tools by Kristen

Blog Link

The blog was created after months of thought process and thus, is well-organized and informative. Here you will find DIY instructions, inspiration for home décor and re-modelling, wood work, painting, sewing, etc.

All the projects on this blog have been done up by Kristen. These projects include refinishing door hardware, storage closets, leaning wall shelves, kids’ tent, painting the dining table, office bookshelves, desks, hanging file drawers, installing inset door hinges, bed with storage box, organizing jewellery or junk drawers, luggage tags, room borders, sewing pillows, striped design on walls, scrap wood heart collage, mason jar candles, etc.

42. Not Just A Housewife by Stacy Risenmay

Blog Link

This blog was started by Stacy as a way to share her ideas, tips and talent with others and possibly, get more fun ideas from other people. On the blog, you find an elaborate tour of Stacy’s house and the re-modelling or décor that has been done by her.

Apart from the artsy transformation of her home, she has done a lot of DIY projects that include sugar scrub, painted rug, pillows, open shelves in kitchen, gift ideas, velvet bench, storage tote, plant stands, photo frames, custom painted curtains, etched mirrors, sliding living wall, gardening, rainbow garden, indoor garden, etc.

Also you can find cool recipes of various items like purple French fries, black bean burger, raspberry cake, citrus hot drink and easy crème brulee. The blog also has plenty of ideas for the holiday season.

43. Sarah’s Big Idea by Sarah Reidl

Blog Link

The blog showcases all the tiny improvements done by Sarah from major re-modelling and DIY projects to maintain a beautiful home on a small budget! Here on this blog, you will find a tour of their home, some before and after pictures, the big ideas, DIY projects and the transformations.

Her popular projects include cabinet makeovers, bathroom makeovers, crafty designs for home, demolishing and decorating a place tips, dining table, drywall hanging, door décor tips, flooring (interior and exterior), gardening, furniture and upholstery, landscaping, kitchen makeover, painting walls and cabinets and tables, plumbing tricks, reusing carpets and rugs, spray painting, tiling and a lot of other wood work!

44. Saw Dust Girl by Sandra

Blog Link

Sandra loves to remodel, design and carpenter things on her own. She’s been into this for the last 15 years and has re-modelled five homes. She’s a globe trotter and thus, her work is infused with world culture and practicality. She offers tours to all her viewers of the homes that have been re-done till date for an insight into her work and passion.

Her DIY projects include built-in wine and beverage refrigerator cabinet, blind corner cabinet, dining table, platform bed, vertical drawers, wood drawers runners, floating shelves, chippy paint techniques, rustic wood napkin rings, handmade rulers, painted countertops, homemade pumpkin roll, 3D Christmas tree, etc. Apart from this you can find various recipes for festivals, holidays and family get-togethers.

45. Thistle Wood Farms by Kari Anne

Blog Link

The blog is light and beautiful, and the owner has covered a huge expanse of things right from DIY to beauty to recipes and even homecare. If you’re looking for a one-stop solution, subscribe to this right away!

Her projects include dyed burlap painted leaf pillows, simple fall display ideas, wall stickers, Halloween decorations, wood slice wreath, door decors, pillow decoration creative ideas, fall leaf book page wreath, fixing sagging cushions, etc.

The blog has a house tour section for its viewers, like most other blogs with intricate details. Other DIYs include wood monograms, closet organization, painting chairs and talking box, among others. Kari has also shared various stories related to her work, readers and those who consult her. Also she has shared recipes for us all to eat, share and enjoy!

46. Tilly’s Nest by Melissa

Blog Link

Tilly’s nest has a lot of stuff for the visitors to go through. The broad categories are Chicken, Gardening, Beekeeping, Crafts, Recipes. Her recipes are clearly divided into anything you might need starting from breakfast and main dishes to appetizers, eggs, sides and desserts.

The crafts are basically seasonal and holiday along with wedding and family. The beekeeping section talks about bees, DIY & maintenance of the hive, along with some helpful videos and tutorials.

The gardening section takes you through tours, projects and plants. The chicken section has pointers on taking care of chickens & coops; coop care and tours, chicken health issues, dealing with predators and seasonal care.

47. Beneath My Heart by Traci

Blog Link

The blogger is currently DIY-ing her five acre ranch house into their dream house. Here you can go through their blog for project ideas, shop and even have a tour of the home and its transformation.

On the blog, you’ll find ways to create a farmhouse charm very easily. The pictures and steps are a perfect guide. Their projects include patio and room makeovers, dresser and desk makeovers, door decors, painted leather office chair, zinc top kitchen table, slipcover for chair tutorial and more. DIY includes indoor smoke station, wood sign, built-in furniture, accent wall with TV, flooring ideas, barn door, golden pumpkins, personalized doormat, chalkboard sign for first day at school, etc.

The blog also offers recipes for all occasions from birthdays to festivals and even regular dinners. Do visit the home tour section for a great insight of their work.

***Crafts DIY (Crafts, Parties, Sewing, Printables & Holiday Gifts)***

48. Swoon Worthy by Kimberly

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Kimberly is another one of your interior obsessed blogger we all love because she also loves to work on a budget. She believes in everybody’s right to a beautiful home, irrespective of their budget, and says that a low budget allows you to be more creative and explosive with your imagination.

On her blog Kimberley offer advice on DIY’s, crafts and decorating. She also has a Travel section and features her design work and paintings as well, along with a view of her own house. When you open the DIY Section, you are faced with posts ranging from hanging planters to marble shelves and fragrance diffusers to cushions.

49. Style Made Simple by Victoria

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Victoria is a writer, blogger and stylist for interior related topics. She believes in cost effective DIY and craft projects. Her blog has been nominated for several awards and she was also a part of the Winning Housetohome Team in 2012. The same year she was also named Website of the Year at the IPC Media Awards.

Her website covers house tours, makeovers, craft & DIY, Craft videos and bits of travel as well. The craft and DIY section has some beautiful decoration ideas such as Coasters, Christmas decorations, gift bags, footstools, etc.

50. Pet Scribbles by Laura

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Laura writes about crafts, DIY and Gardening mainly, but every now and then she throws in a little bit of lifestyle topics and cats! She works on craft tutorials and projects centred around home and garden. The crafts section is very cleanly organized into fall topics like Painted Magnolia leaf decor and thanksgiving garland, winter topics like pinecone tree craft and Christmas tray centrepiece, spring topics like Easter Bunny wood signs and St. Patrick’s Day Plaque and summer topics like Beach memory Display or a fun outdoor giant Jenga game.

She also covers a lot of Holiday decor ideas such as Halloween, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, etc. The Gardening Section covers plants she loves.

51. Katherine’s Corner by Katherine

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Heavily into DIY and recipes, Katherine also runs a website by the name of Katherine’s Corner Shops which has the most beautiful collection of house and home products, stationery, wedding, jewellery and a lot of other products that you are bound to love.

Her DIY ideas also include Craft and Printables and have a huge variety of Christmas, Easter, DIY, Seasonal and Recycling projects. She also has a very good collection of recipes.

52. Lucky Lucille by Rochelle

Blog Link

The blog is a combination of all artsy things like sewing, painting, photography, knitting and maybe a little bit of cooking. You can find easy tips and tricks, DIYs, ideas and even some great products on the blog.

The coming soon section has some really fancy handmade gifts and accessories, keep hooked! On the blog, you’ll find the new pixie bags with cool patterns, the new spoon flower prints for spring, DIY quilted tablet sleeve, plucky knitted marl hat, printed coats for dogs, marl t-shirts, Hudson pants, etc.

There are plenty of tutorials to learn and imitate from. The blog also features block printing and home décor which is a really cool section!

53. Today’s Creative Life by Kim

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Kim’s blog is about travel, Holidays, Printables, Recipes and, our very favourite, DIYs. Her DIY projects include projects related to beauty, crafts, home, gifts, holidays, parties and sewing.

She has posts about DIY body washes, DIY designer mugs, throw pillows, wreaths, printable wall art, plants, tea towels, door decors, embroidery tutorial, pillow covers, etc. Her blog is full of creative, practical, stylish and pocket friendly ideas.

54. Akamatra by Maro

Blog Link

Maro is a creator. So it is only natural to assume that the blog contains almost everything you could want related to DIY. Home improvement, decor, crafts, food, fashion and a lot of tips and ideas are just some of the broad categories into which the blog is divided.

Some of the popular topics are how to have a warmer home in the winters, keeping it relaxed and safe, remodelling on a budget and endless makeover ideas. You can find just about everything in Maro’s corner of the internet.

55. Pretty Life Girls by Liz & Sam

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Sam and Liz are sisters and are great at what they do. Their blog has a Style corner with posts on dressing up simple and basic or even to jazz it up. The DIY corner has ideas such as bookends, throw pillows and jars and in Travel they discuss their trips and weekends getaways. They have also have a recipe section which includes tasty and mouth watering food recipes.

56. Sustain My Craft habit by Jane & Sonja

Blog Link

The blog cater to all ages. You want to keep your kids busy? Hook them up with something from the kids section. Want to knit a sweater for your baby boy? Or knit a crocheted poncho for a newborn girl? Make them with the guides and tutorials present on the blog.

And if you have a family of food lovers, well the recipes here are definitely worth it. There’s a lot for you to do, maybe some upcycling with DIY and a little home decor too. And if you’re one for challenges, definitely look up their Simple Daily DIY Challenge.

57. Sugar and Cloth by Ashley

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Ashley never really finished Art & Design course at her university, but she sure learnt a lot from it and now has one of the best blogs on DIY that you will find on the internet.

The posts on her blog cover DIY, travel, decor, macarons, style, recipes, entertaining and a few behind the blog videos. The thing about this blog is that the posts are really fun and you will actually look forward to check out her work.

58. Almost Makes Perfect by Molly

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Molly is a freelance designer and TV editor, who has a very free approach towards DIY. She feels it’s okay to mess up, because you will get there eventually.

On her blog she offers DIY projects, home interiors, travel, style and even fun printables you definitely want to have a look at. The DIY projects are available in sub-categories that deal with Accessories, Christmas gift ideas, Home decor, Mother’s Day, New Year’s Eve, Productivity, Style, Thanksgiving, Valentines and the Oscars.

59. Chubby Bunny by Ashley

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Ashley is a mom and she set out on a journey of finding herself, through her family, her house and herself and with her interest in crafting and sewing came Chubby Bunny.

The blog is about DIY crafts (obviously), family life, health and beauty tips, etc among other things. The crafts are related to sewing, printables and craft ideas for kids. She also has a section called everyday tips that gives out tips on health and beauty and blog tips. She also does product reviews every now and then.

60. Raising Fairies and Knights by Hil

Blog Link

On Hil’s blog you will find an abundance of recipes, crafts and parenting material.  In the Holidays section you can find posts related to spring, summer, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Easter, St. Patrick’s Day, etc.

61. Purple Patch DIY by Sarah

Blog Link

A girl scout, Sarah has loved cooking and creating craft since a young age and took up fun ideas through school and college. After graduating from an arts and communication college, she turned into a blogger by night and did marketing by day and started the blog.

The Purple Patch has DIY projects such as refurbishing furniture, repurposing household items and building new projects, recipes from Pinterest, her family recipes and her craft projects include holiday craft, paintings, home decor, decoupage, sewing, etc.

62. Life of Jennifer Dawn by Jennifer

Blog Link

Jennifer started her blog as something new to try with a point and shoot camera, blogger template. Now on her blog she covers her life and everything about it, be it joys of motherhood or craft ideas that we can all obsess over.

She does DIY projects and tutorials covering everything you could imagine. Let me list it out for you so that you know you need to go here for sure: accessories, appliqués, art, baby, design, fabric crafts, felt, garlands, gift ideas, for the home, holidays, for the kids, organizing and cleaning, paper crafting and stamping, parties, sewing and quilting, techniques and yarn. She also has recipes and foods for you to try and have fun with!

63. Our Life is Beautiful by Sarah

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Sarah’s blog is about sewing, motherhood, DIY, family, parties and eating. The sewing section has tutorials and tips to make your things last longer, customize them and make minor alterations.

The parties section holds posts such as the party on her daughter’s baptizing and contains details of the parties and arrangement. Other party ideas included a football themed party, 4th of July party, End of School Party, etc.

The DIY section has posts on planters, sewing projects, a post on making a pumpkin stand, upholstering chairs, outdoor serving stations, etc.

64. Patches of Pink by Jalisa

Blog Link

A passion for craft that eventually branched out from the basic scrapbook into this blog. Here the blogger, showcases her artwork through craft, wood stuff, cards and more cute stuff.

You can contact Jalisa for further help and can buy her pretty cards from the shopping section of the blog. Her projects include fall door and home décor, door wreaths, shelf decoration, vinyl clock and more.

The cards are available for various occasions like Birthdays, anniversaries, Halloween, Christmas, etc. Plus, you can see a lot of cute photographs, stamp collection (and take a challenge), food menu for Monday, favorites, scrapbook ideas and fun ideas for dates and Valentine’s Day, as well. This blog is cute, real and fun. Do check out.

65. Oh Happy Day by Jordan Ferney

Blog Link

What Jordan’s blog offers is a mass accumulation of party ideas, DIY projects, interior designs, photography techniques and all the supplies to make it happen. The blog helps you organize your party like a proper planner; right from guest-list to invites and the food to give-aways.

She has posted multiple holiday themed party and costume ideas. The interiors are fun and easy covering parties, kids rooms and even major room makeovers! What’s great are the awesome printables available here – invites, photo booths, decorations, wrapping sheets, etc. You can also find information related to travel and exploration on the blog.

66. Design sponge by Grace Bonney

Blog Link

It’s a design blog run by Grace, started in 2004 and has reached over 1+ million readers till date. The blog is updated 3 to 5 times per day. The interiors section showcases some great homes and decors from locations all over the world. The DIY projects have tutorials and ideas for cushions, totes, combs, floating window shelves, fridge magnets, etc. They also have the before and after section for you to see transformations happen right away!

You’ll also find various recipes for delicacies and easy-to-make drinks. The blog offers tours and guides for various places like Berlin, Portland, etc. Lastly, extensive guides are available in 101 Guides section for all things related easy DIY and travelling.

67. A Beautiful Mess by Elsie and Emma

Blog Link

A blog owned by two sisters is home to many fun and chic ideas when it comes to decorating your home or satiating your hunger. They’ve developed their photography apps, written books, conduct classes and have a product line!

But the entire adventure began with DIY projects at their home. The food section lays out recipes that cover all meals, drinks and desserts. They’ve uploaded project ideas to decorate  bedrooms, offices, kids’ rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, outdoors and even make a statement wall for yourself.

There’s a cute drop-down for things like jewellery, sewing, fashion, pets, etc. they provide tips for styling yourself and the décor; plus, tips on photography, blogging and happiness. You can find their app and the store on the blog.

68. Sweet Verbena by Katy

Blog Link

Katy runs this blog while juggling the job of an elementary school teacher. The blog catalogs projects done by her and other fellow bloggers (shared for inspiration). The work primarily focuses on sewing, crafting and cooking, apart from tidbits from her life.

There are plenty of tutorials like bib sewing and painting, paper bunting, re-modelling couches, glitter art, chalkboard and zinc letters, watermark t-shirt, reversible rugs, rustic benches or tables, lined and sequined clutch, candle re-wicking, etc.

You can find tips on fashion and style for glamorous clothing, accessorizing and footwear choices. Apart from this, there are tutorials for using sewing machines without disasters. You can also shop from the blog for specific things from the projects by Katy.

69. How Does She by Alison, Missy and Shelly

Blog Link

The blog is run by three women who juggle home, kids, jobs and the passion for DIY, décor and designing. The blog not only marvels at helping others find a perfect home; it also celebrates women power all around the world.

The DIY section includes craft, sewing, gift and party favours, decorations, gardening, etc. You can find decorating tips, party ideas, food recipes for each and every occasion marked on your calendars.

Food section has been divided into main course, drinks, desserts, appetizers, breakfast, snacks, sides, soups, salads and bread. Women shall also find tips and tricks on beauty, fashion, healthy lifestyle, hair and make-up. The blog offers tips on family, kids, romance, parenting, traditions, etc. There are travel tips available along with freebies like printables, etc. You can also look through the store for some goodies!

70. Smart School House by Kelly Dixon

Blog Link

Kelly started this blog as a hobby and is now an author who gets featured in magazines, has a million followers and a sweet family to back her up. On this fun blog, you will find all things relevant to a home – recipes, DIY, art and craft!

The craft DIY section includes tea light pumpkins, pumpkin spice linen spray, lavender laundry sponges, argan oil chocolate mask, homemade jello snack cups, hydration station for kids, homemade apple scented bubble bath, etc.

There is a separate section for DIY crafty things for kids and some parenting tips. Apart from all the DIYs and décor tricks, the blog has a huge variety of recipes for festivals, holidays, breakfast, snacks, easy desserts and even some tasty nutritious food for kids!

***Fashion DIY (Fashion, Style, Wedding, Jewellery)***

71. Love Maegan by Maegan

Blog Link

This blog takes you into beauty & style, fashion DIYs, nail art how-tos, hair tutorials, decoration ideas, recipes, etc. In DIY, you find costume ideas, heels and accessories ideas, etc. The beauty category has product reviews and make up tutorials.

Recipes talk about food she likes and some other stuff that is definitely great to try and give a shot. Life & family is a section to motivate you and encourage you along with small life incidents here and there. Maegan sometimes also picks up certain artists and discusses their work through an “Artist in Focus” post.

72. A Pair & A Spare by Geneva

Blog Link

A pair and a spare is another all inclusive website that deals with everything including food, interiors, beauty, fashion, travel, entertainment and building.

The DIY projects section deal with accessories, beauties, bottoms, designer stuff, dresses, festival stuff, holidays, food & drinks, home, jewellery, before & after projects, shoes, skirts and tops.

Her projects include backpacks, lanterns, coffee tables, rugs, hairstyles, clothes. The posts will teach you how to make elegant and classy skirts, beautiful crop tops, makeup tutorials for getting the right skin tone, choosing the right lipstick, deconstructed jeans, tassel bag, earrings, scarves, dresses, etc.

73. I SPY DIY by Jenni

Blog Link

Jenni runs this blog since 2010 and now has a warehouse place where they have events and teach craft to all. The blog is a creative outlet for all things fancy but re-built for budget.

The DIY section is divided into sections relating to Fashion, Jewellery, Beauty, Home, Technology, Vacations, Guys and Food. Some of her most popular projects till date are Pumpkin Floral Centerpiece, Gluten-free Pasta Salad, Sunglass cases, Double-sliding barn door, etc.

All these are uploaded as videos for easy understanding. If required, there are DIY kits available on this blog itself, totally hassle-free! You can contact Jenni and enroll for the classes or events at her warehouse.

74. Fall For DIY by Francesca

Blog Link

Francesca got into DIY designing right after her graduation in the textile designing course. Ever since, the blog has been the place where she displays her talent and artsy work. Her projects usually are related to awesome DIYs for your home like pillow covers, bottle covers, furniture, wall art, wall hangings, planters, water colour tableware, candles, etc.

Apart from this, you will also find; all girly things on the blog like easy manicures, DIY earrings, zipper pouches, fashion updates, twist and knot rings, precious stone soaps, etc. Finally, food hasn’t been left out. Read the blog to find out great recipes about drinks, appetizers, dessert and holiday special meals, too!

75. High On DIY by Rinchen

Blog Link

This blog is like a surprise box that comes with sweet goodies done-up real good using various DIY techniques. The creations have been featured in various other blogs and magazines. This blog is majorly into accessories, jewellery and cutesy girl stuff.

The projects here include bracelets made out of safety-pins, threads, trinkets, beads and wires. You’ll find colourful and bold earrings to match with necklaces made out of beads, threads, coloured tiny ropes, metallic things, glass, stones, etc. which cater to all preferences – boho, chic, modern and even ethnic!

In accessories, you’ll find great bags, belts and shoes that match elegantly with your clothes. And if, someone is looking for some great clothes, bang; you’re at the right place! Apart from this, the blog has ideas for holiday gifts, favours and even decorations.

76. Tasha Del Rae by Natasha

Blog Link

Natasha began this venture to find out latest trends easily, but it went onto becoming a popular blog and now she even has a fashion line. Here, on this blog, you can find her designs, easy DIY tips, and even purchase her collection from the shopping option available to all.

This blog is a place where fashion and DIY collide, and merge into a perfect masterpiece. Her projects include body chains, tassel belts, ball caps, feather bands, boot cuffs, butterfly shoe clips, sequin heels, lace-up pumps, fabric bangles, easter necklaces, stone charms, feather ring, etc. For clothing she has wide range from elastic skirts, slinky maxi dress, split sleeve, hi-low shirt, mullet skirt, etc. You will also find natural beauty products and chic bags!

77. Wild Amor by Kirsten Nunez

Blog Link

Kirsten is a DIY teacher, author, lifestyle journalist and a constant globe-trotter; apart from all this, she runs this blog. On this blog, you’ll find her constantly moving and uploading posts about the places she’s been to, her work, some handy tricks, great tips and DIY tutorials for all.

You’d find “How-to” tips for fashion, home décor and recipes. For instance, Lisa Frank Halloween Costume – Rainbow Unicorn, Panda Painter, Bunny Ballerina, etc. Beauty products like Wax melts, Stellar homemade sriracha, etc.

Fashion section has tips for earrings (beaded and bone crescent), autumn style tips and more. You can find recipes and food decorations for all occasions like witchy Halloween cupcake toppings, snacks and drinks. She also caters for all things that might be needed for a wedding! You may want to go through her shop and find some great stuff.

78. The Stripe by Grace Atwood

Blog Link

The blog originally started off as “Stripe and Sequins”, but was re-named in 2015. Grace documents here all the work that she has done; people, art and places that inspire her.

Her DIY projects include pompom sandals, winesicles, berry margarita, baby breath’s pine tree arrangement, wrapped holiday ornaments with holst-lee, brass fringe earrings, tassel necklaces, beach hair tips, topsy tail braids, the Game of Thrones braid, bacon jam, jeweled headband, crystal loafers and every possible fashion thing!

You may also find some beauty related tips for makeup and hair. You can also learn how to style your clothes and shoes from her tutorials. Next up, is travel stories and tips. All this fun includes some great wellness tips to remain healthy and fit!

79. Fashion Lush by Erica Stolman

Blog Link

The blogger has an impressive spread as her resume, having worked with big brands and magazines. This is a fashion and DIY blog, with bits from the general lifestyle world.

Her DIY projects include straw bags, face masks, flax seed facials, growth serum for eyebrows, Korean skincare, fluffy slides and tote bags, rose quartz infused facial mist, the BFF necklace, monogram moccasins, etc.

You’ll find sufficient beauty and wellness tips like some DIYs, reviews of beauty products, tips for using a product in the best way, the latest make-up trends, hair styling tips, etc. Lastly, the blog provides for all the home-stylists, well! You can find décor tips, a house tour by the blogger, wall arts, storage situations, candles or planters, to name a few.

80. Swell Mayde by Aimee

Blog Link

A designer by profession, Aimee, has created this blog to connect with people and showcase her DIY projects; inspire others and have some fun. On this blog, you will find her DIYs, travel experiences, her style updates and tips and much more!

The DIY gallery showcases her projects like pom-pom scarf, crafty heart shaped design on shirt, sleeve patch-work, distressed denims, cut-offs and lace hem shorts, etc. You can find steps to create your own jewellery like bracelets, anklets, necklaces, bags and more from simple things like beads, glass, bands and a lot of glue!

In home and food section, there’s plenty on planters, coolers, cocktails, invites, food decoration, outdoor décor, tiny Christmas trees, etc. Follow her footsteps and learn things from the travel section, where all her experiences are well-documented with photos and tips!

81. Yes Missy by Eileen

Blog Link

The blog is one that covers everything to give you a better lifestyle. You can find creative ideas about beauty, fashion, weddings and other pretty things! You will find a huge array of DIYs and crafty things which include printable calendars, tartan thanksgiving tablescape, cinnamon vanilla candles, dainty wire jewellery tutorials, homemade lip balm, seashell candles, etc.

You’ll get a lot under the beauty section including reviews of various products with their prices and best comparisons, makeup ideas, gift ideas and more. Under the fashion and style section, the blogger has created various looks from simple clothes and accessories.

There’s an entire looks book to survive every season! Plus, there are makeover tutorials for old belongings. Lifestyle takes up a lot of space here and has articles for every occasion, need and inspiration!

82. Trinkets in Bloom by Cathy

Blog Link

The DIY blog has been featured in various media places like buzzfeed, marie claire, love to create, etc. Cathy believes that anyone can create their own style and thus she enables her readers to do so.

Her DIY section has projects related to faux fur clutch, tie-dye scarf, monogrammed camo tote, denim mini bag, leopard bag, pearl sunglasses, cat beanie, gloves with rings, etc.

The clothing section has DIYs for t-shirts, straight dresses, beaded sweaters, plaid shirts, painted denims, crystal embellished jeans, skull tunic with zipper and more. You can find various DIYs for shoes like pom pom sandals, jeweled slip-ons, doodled slippers and others. There are plenty of fresh designs for jewellery on the blog!

83. Erica Bunker by Erica

Blog Link

The blog pulls its inspirations from runway and luxury brands. All the projects are DIY, sewn and put together by Erica. It literally teaches the people to create their own wardrobe; right from fabric information to sewing less.

The blog gives a tour of her sewing space where most of this fashion is created. The projects usually showcase latest trends like big sleeves, bold shoulders, grommet and eyelet embellishments, strapless maxi dress, sheer blouse, bomber lace jacket, suede skirt, imitations of the Vogue collection, etc. to name a few from the recent posts.

You can follow her for regular updates and tips. Under the “sew-alongs” section you’ll find information on different techniques, more designs, “how-tos” and the must haves for the season.

84. Trash to Couture by Laura

Blog Link

The blog has a less wasteful approach as compared to the major production companies, through DIY projects and re-purposed fashion pieces. The major projects on this blog are men’s shirt to dress, cold shoulder hemp knit, beaded cut-out neckline, lace slip dress, choker dress, track dress, mesh top, cowl fringe poncho, bandana top, velvet slip dress with lace, track pants re-done, DIY pouches and bags, zip skirt, ruched wrap skirt, the Carrie Bradshaw tutu tutorial and much more!

You can find amazing trash to couture transformations on the blog for more ideas; for instance, the pillowcase dress, top from men’s shirt, etc. Proper guidelines are available for a good outcome.

85. P.S. I Made This by Erica Domesek

Blog Link

The blogger has also authored two books, runs a business out of her DIY projects and has this blog to help people re-create great fashion statements, easily and without going over the budget.

Her projects include pom pom sandals and hat, lace trim cami, foiled denim pocket, perforated emoji clutch, pearl embellished heel, re-done sunglasses, floral sandals, charm rings, tassel earrings, and some braiding tips.

You’ll find great designs and ideas for décor like table runners, napkins, planters, candles, coasters, custom signboards, etc. The food section carries recipes for stunning eatables, their decoration tips and lay-out. For tips on nail art, hair styles, make-up, bands, crowns, bracelets and more, the blog gives tutorials. All her work has been broken down and explained well for beginners. You can follow her events and designs on the blog!

***Beauty DIY (Hair, Makeup, Skincare)***

86. Kokay by Kirsten Zellers

Blog Link

The blog is a live projection of the work done or projects undertaken by Kirsten. You can easily contact her or leave comments for any query or help. On the blog, you would find DIYs, tips relating to beauty, hair and style. You will also find video tutorials for a better understanding.

DIY projects include nine ways to wear a headscarf, coffee filter wall hangings, kimono, lace pencil skirt, tea-cup holder, feather garlands, wrap skirt, leather clutch, twine bowl, etc. There are tutorials for various tricks like waves, braids, colours and more. They also include hair care routines. The beauty and style section cover a plethora of things like latest makeup trends, product reviews, social media trending makeup tutorials, styling thigh-high boots, fall trends, etc. Do read!

87. Hello Glow by Stephanie Gerber

Blog Link

This blog is a destination that gives ideas and tips for beauty, wellness, lifestyle and food. There are plenty of DIYs, how-tos, recipes, detox guides, cleaning and organization tips, must try natural products and giveaways.

The beauty DIYs include toner, sandalwood vanilla solid perfume, reed diffuser, candles, facial mask, lip balms, caffe mocha soap bars, etc. You can also get tips for better hair, body scrubs, wrinkles and more. There’s a list of healthy foods like immunity boosting tonic, fall smoothies, fig and honey cocktail, healthy snacks, dairy-free pumpkin fettuccine alfredo, etc.

The wellness section has tips for a healthy body, yoga, stress-management, post-pregnancy body recovery and remedies for sinus. Some great DIYs for décor, easy home hacks, cleaning and organization and enhancement of your place.

88. The Makeup Dummy by Ina

Blog Link

The blog is run by a person who has found alternative products and ingredients to make her skin look better. On the blog, you can find all the DIY tutorials and products by Ina or some recommendations as well.

You can find recipes for  LUSH Ultrabland like cleanser, moisturizing hair balm, cuticle cream, scrub bars and body lotions. Other beauty projects include bath bomb melts, zit zapper gel, anti-mosquito spray, bath bombs with Epsom salt, anti-cellulite body lotion smoothie, beeswax body lotion, anti-ageing serum and more.

You can update your wardrobe too with projects like long tulle skirt, ice-cream popsicle shirt, fruit hair clips, easy zipper pouches, etc. The last section comes with recipes for snacks and more like cheesecakes, turmeric latte, papaya smoothie and cookies!

89. DIY Beauty Tutorials by Lavish Krishna

Blog Link

The blog offers to help people create complete look fashion wise. You can find a lot of tips here that can make a fashion statement in any party! Some of the major DIY projects include re-creating the Harley Quinn look, grow 1 inch hair in 1 week, Instagram inspired outfits, hair care routine tutorial, removal of acne scars in a week, summer makeup routine, the smoky eyes and black lips look, kylie lip kit dupes, no heat curls, etc.

The “Nails and Henna” section comes with different nail art techniques and designs, plenty designs for henna and even henna body tattoos. The blog has a compilation of inspiring stories from different people in need of consolation, empathy or in need to vent out their emotions.

90. Jenni Raincloud by Jenni

Blog Link

The blog circles around all things girly, with a strong belief of staying true, natural and respectful towards our bodies. The blog is perfect for those who are looking for alternatives and some fun ideas!

You can find recipes for cleansers, toners, facial masks, moisturizers, eye serum and creams, facial serums, exfoliators, lip balms, body products, men’s products and other miscellaneous things. There are easy and sensual make-up tutorials for any kind of an event or party.

Also, there are reviews of various products for the readers. The blog has listed various essential oils, their purposes, benefits and other required information for all natural product enthusiasts. Under the lifestyle section you’ll find recipes for a healthy meal, home DIYs, inspirations and reviews. There is a list of other natural must have products available on the blog.

91. DIY Beauty Diva by Lorraine Dallmeier

Blog Link

Lorraine is an eco-friendly biologist who has worked in getting the plants put to beneficial use. She’s the Director at Formula Botanica and has been into DIY projects for a long time now.

On the blog, you can find various recipes like chocolate honey cake mask, banana and rice facial scrub, plantain body scrub, lavender and chamomile facial steam, perfect plum cider cleanser, mud shampoo, chocolate lip gloss, creamy shea lip butter, lemon shine nail oil, bath salts, melts and scrubs; body butters, masks and more.

The recipes cover a range of product for every body part with great care. She also has an app available for the readers with similar content just easy access. You can train with her in the field of DIYs and natural products. She also endorses for work campaigns where, people can work and learn under her guidance.

92. HUDA Beauty by Huda Kattan

Blog Link

From working in the finance department and studying at a makeup school in Los Angeles, Huda has done it all and much better. Currently, she sells her products but the blog has some very useful and handy tips for DIYs.

She shares videos, tutorials and tips for beauty products from DIY projects. Some of the major ones are eight kitchen products that make you gorgeous, banana for acne treatment, unicorn rainbow highlighter, cotton lashes extensions, coffee scrubs, super light underarms, sugar scrub for lips, body wrap for weight loss, face masks, anti-acne masks, brighten skin, rosewater toning spray, hair care with beer and banana mask, lip plumper, dark circles and puffy eyes treatment and much more for your wellness and beauty routines!

93. Hairspray And High Heels by Angela Peters

Blog Link

The blog is the place where Angela puts in all her creativity about makeup, hair, body and those sassy high heels. You can see the major focus on DIYs through the showcased projects like make-up remover wipes, get well gift, glitter mason jar vase, glitter hairband, beauty storage organization kits and more.

The beauty section has tutorials for make-up, reviews of various products and the trending collections; nail art, hairstyles and up-dos, hair care routines, skin care routines and the essentials. The blog offers tips for a healthy lifestyle, work out sessions, gears, Zumba, etc.

The lifestyle section has a spread of ideas for picnics, weddings, photographic products and all such things. Lastly, the blog sums up well with great recipes for easy at home cocktails!

94. The Glam Organic Goddess by Danielle Messina

Blog Link

This is a healthy beauty and lifestyle blog run by a young cancer survivor. The blog has various projects related to DIYs, tips and tricks to get the best products for you at cheap prices and without any compromises on quality!

The DIY beauty section has various tutorials like matcha mask, honey lemon lip polish; rose, sugar and honey scrub, pink champagne facial mask, organic perfume, lemon and thyme toner, coconut and mint deep conditioner, scar treatment mask, etc.

The blog has given descriptive reviews of various cosmetic and non-cosmetic products. These are divided under heads related to skincare, haircare, body, makeup and nails. There’s a mini beauty school for beginners to learn and understand. The shopping section makes it easy for readers to buy the ingredients. The blog also has the resources and brands section for more products!

95. DIY Natural by Matt and Betsy

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The blog is run by a couple who upload projects and experiments of various DIYs with natural ingredients. All the projects on the blog can be imitated easily with the help of tutorials.

The beauty section has recipes for soaps, pumpkin masks and scrubs, silicone soap molds, moisturizing dandruff shampoo, hand sanitizer and more. For a cleaner and organized home, you can try the natural fabric refresher, refrigerator cleaner, deodorizing wooden wick candle, get rid of ants, etc. The blog has recipes for healthy food items and snacks like immune boosting food, homemade peanut butter cups, crispy apple chips, exotic fruits and their benefits and the list goes on! You can find the right books to read and a small marketplace to purchase the basic ingredients on the blog itself.

96. The Organic Life by Tara

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This blog is a tiny bit different from the other ones that I recommend on this list. Not a purely DIY blog, but this one you must follow for the organic and clean living. But yes, it does have DIY Beauty Tutorials thrown in as well.

97. Beauty by Britanie Faith

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Besides managing this blog, Britanie also writes for Free+Native, Vivo Life, Mind Body Green, etc. Here on the blog, you’ll find plenty of DIY beauty tips, make-up and hair styling tips, reviews of various products and some valuable tips on health.

Her DIY projects include emergency face masks for dermatitis, eczema, acne; hair softening and conditioning treatment, 5 steps for growing dramatic brows, lemon and honey facial for glowing skin, natural and non-toxic black eyeliner and more. Apart from this, there’s a facial routine tutorial.

You can also find some ways to glamorize your makeup and hair without missing out on skincare! There are some health tips too for relaxation, getting a good sleep, staying positive, etc. do check out. Lastly, you’ll find reviews of various brands that sell naturally made products.

98. Sarita Coren by Sarita Coren

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The blog is like the hub of clean and healthy living; you’ll find the blogger’s name in various online as well as print articles.

The blog is divided into three parts and serves varied interests! Under the beauty section, you’ll find reviews on various products, their effects and much more like 11 juicy natural cleaners that will not leave an oil slick on the face or the difference between organic and synthetic scents.

The other part, “nourish” will guide you through treatments and products for better upkeep of the body. It has reviews of products and steps followed by Sarita to keep herself healthy.

Next, you can find the updates for recent events, giveaways, charities, etc. that Sarita will be attending or conducting in the “happenings” section. For those, who would like to buy the products endorsed on the blog, can head to the shop section!

99. Kimberley Loc by Kimberley Loc

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The blog is the perfect destination for those who wants some great tips on lifestyle and tutorials on natural beauty enhancing products or DIYs. For all the products specially recommended by Kimberley, you can go to the favorites section and look up.

The blogger also works in collaborations and can be hired by people for devising specific beauty routine or getting tips on lifestyle. You can find information on skincare, haircare, make-up, deodorants and sunscreens.

The products you’ll find here for various needs are passion fruit seed oil, fez hand and body balm, anti-aging moisturizer; guide to natural hand creams, mascaras, shampoos, body oils, deodorants and sunscreens.

100. Pretty Connected by Lara

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This is one of those very interactive and peppy blogs, where you can find the updates on latest events, trends, makeup products, styling tips, etc. You can find reviews on the allure beauty box, products from Demarche labs, Liftlab, Viktor & Rolf Fragrance collection, Vice Lipstick collection, Clive Christian’s new perfume range, amazon press events and more.

On fashion, you’ll find reviews of new trends like blonde hair and miu miu glasses, castaway Nantucket, types of glasses, velvets, meeting exciting people, etc. All the looks have been broken down and you’ll know where you can find them easily.

The travel section has updates from very high profile events and parties, hotels and vacations. And the lifestyle section has updates on all the things that are a part of the blogger’s life and beyond.

So, ladies and gentlemen, the next time you decide to be creative have a look at this list. You will definitely find something to keep you busy for a considerable time. Happy DIYing!

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