Top 5 Home Renovation Ideas For Less Than $100

Your home can get boring to you after some time. And when that happens, you want to look for upgrades, and the first thing to enter your mind is how expensive upgrading can be. Then of course there is the problem of deciding what upgrade to go for.

In this article, we have a compilation of 5 upgrades that you can do for less than $100. All you will need are basic supplies available at your average departmental store.

Upgrade Plain Curtains with the help of some paint

Curtains are the most visible part of your house. The right light and amount of shade to enter your house is determined by the texture and pattern of your curtains.

The curtains can be an integral part in adding colors to your house and giving it more vibrant and lively appearance.

For this upgrade, all you need is a set of plain cotton curtains for wherever you want, a fabric paint of your choice to go with the color of the curtains you have chose, paint brush, water and a trash bag or newspaper to line the floor

  • The first thing to do is to spread some of the newspaper or trash bad on the floor so that your floors don’t get dirty.
  • Second is to dilute the paint a little with the water; the thick paint will only make it difficult work with. The consistency that you’re looking for is that the paint is thick enough that it doesn’t drip off the paint brush. If the paint is thin it will bleed into the curtain fabric. Too much of it is bad, but a little will do because then it gives off the appearance of spots on fur.
  • The next step is to make spots in the curtain with the paint. Make the spots irregular and not too large in size. Try and vary the size of the spots.
  • A precaution to take is to not move the fabric when the paint is wet because that will only ruin the spotting and make it bad.


Paint Old or Plain Fabric Chair/Sofa

Almost every house has one of those old fabric chairs. All you need for this is an old fabric chair, a foam brush and foam pouncer, fabric paint of your choice to match the fabric of the chair and spray paint either gold or silver, whatever goes with the color scheme you have picked out.

  • The first thing to do would be to spray paint the legs of the legs of the chair.
  • Very carefully paint all over the fabric in a pattern of your choice, for e.g. polka dots, or slashes of paints with neat boundaries using the paint brushes and the foam bouncer. You could also make a criss-cross patterns or anything you want.
  • Once the paint has dried off, the chair is yours to use as you want.


Faux Marble Tabletop

Marble is something that adds an elegant look to almost anything. Of course, marble can be expensive, and here is when steps in today’s tutorial that uses marble contact paper to give you a faux marble tabletop. All you need is a tabletop to convert, Marble contact paper, scissors and a hand towel.

  • The first thing to do is to clean your tabletop. With the help of a damp cloth wipe it clean and let it dry. You can also use a surface cleaner.
  • The next that you need to do is to put the contact paper on the tabletop and mark the boundaries so that you can cut it to size. A very important thing to remember, is to leave a little space at the edges to cover the sides for a neater appearance. In case the tabletop isn’t a removable one and it become difficult to measure as it is, you can use a measuring tape.
  • Once you have measured and marked it to size, cut the paper and then begins the actual work. You will need to be very cautious. Peel one edge of the backing and place the contact surface onto the surface leaving the extra space to wrap around the edges.
  • Lift the edge and press the contact paper onto the surface with the help of the hand towel.
  • Keep peeling back the paper backing and carefully pressing the adhesive side onto the surface with the hand towel. Do this using small stroke so as to eliminate all air bubbles.
  • Do this until the entire tabletop is covered and the air bubbles are out. If it become difficult to get some air bubbles out, you can pull the contact paper back up and press it down again carefully.
  • When it’s covered from the top, cut our squares on the corner and curl the extra material over the edges of the table to give a cleaner appearance.


Color Blocking DIY

Color blocking can make your home colorful and beautiful. And it is inexpensive. Here are a few color blocking DIYs that you can use for your home.

Make Color Block Candles

What you need are Dixie cups, wax, crayons, wicks and votives. Pour some wax into Dixie cups and heat it in a microwave for a minute. Pour a thin layer into the bottom of a votive and put the candle wick in the centre and let the wax harden. Peel the paper off of the crayons and cut them up and microwave for 2 minutes, mix and microwave again and let it harden. Repeat the process with a different color till you get what you want

Make Color Block Clock

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Things you need are a plain simple clock, acrylic paint of your choice, paint brush and a pencil. The first thing to do is to draw on a pattern onto the clock. You can take something circular, but slightly smaller than the clock itself. Make a semi circle using the circular thing and a pencil. Dilute the paint with some water and paint the area you have marked. Be careful at the edges and make sure you don’t spill it to the edges. Let it dry.

Color Block Clock


Make Color Block Soap

What you need is soap base, soap dye, essential soap oil, and measuring cup, mold and spray bottle of rubbing alcohol. Cut the soap base into one inch cubes, put four of these cubes into a measuring cup and heat it in the microwave till it is completely melted.

Add essential oil and dye as per your choice. Pour it into a mold and let it set over the next twenty to twenty-five minutes. Once it has set, repeat the process with different colors and let it set on top of your previous soap. Repeat till you have your color blocked soap ready. Keep spraying the soap with rubbing alcohol every now and then to remove bubbles, in case any form.

Color Block Soap


Make Color Block Storage

This is a simple DIY for color blocking your kitchen or any other storage cabinets. All you need for this is synthetic paint or spray paints, a clear finishing coat and paint brushes. Also, keep some newspapers at hand to line the surrounding surfaces. All you need to do is paint the door of the cabinets. You can either spray paint or do it normally depending on what you’ve chosen. Be careful to line the rest of the surfaces to avoid the paint getting onto them.​

Color Block Storage

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Remove & Reusable Wallpaper

Wall paper is easily the simplest way to bring colors and vibrancy into the house. A properly chosen wallpaper can be just the right upgrade your house needs.

The Wallflora Shop on Etsy is your go to for incredible printed wallpaper. The best thing about wallpaper from here is that it is removable and therefore reusable. And very pocket friendly too.


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