31 Easy DIY Woodworking Projects For Beginners

Are you thinking about starting a simple woodworking project? This list contains some great beginner level DIY projects curated from various DIY blogs.

Woodworking projects not only help you save money but these can be customized & can be turned into great gifts for your love ones.

  1. House Number Wall Planter

Elsie From A Beautiful Mess built this beautiful, modern address plaque. This project took her only a single afternoon & looks a lot more expensive than it really is. She used modern brass numbers, wood pieces, drill, hammer, small nails, glue & white paint to complete this project.

  1. Wine Rack

Shanty2Chic designed this stylish wine rack & it turned out to be just awesome. She completed the project in a single afternoon & used Pine Board, Wall Studs, Pocket Screws, Brad Nails, Glue.

  1. Command Center

Another awesome project from Shanty2Chic with help from Whitney. How many times you want to organize small things in your house so that you do not waste time looking all over the place. This is a cute wall organizer which will help you save trouble with the clutter around your entryway. This was made from few boards, chalkboard paint, brass thumb tacks, brass cup hooks & brass paper clip holders.

  1. Wooden Arrow Wall Decor

Ashley Phipps used these wooden arrows to decorate her house walls. There was not much wood-work (cutting, sanding, nailing, glueing) for the project. She used Chevron Arrows, Cabot Stain, Foam Brush, Vinyl, Clear Transfer Tape.

  1. DIY Wood Frame For Photos & Printables

If you are in love with Text Art, Subway Art, Calligraphy, Chalkboard Art then you will love this project. So many times you find awesome printables which are perfect for your house room but then you are unable to find cool frames that don’t cost much.

Autumn from It’s always autumn came up with this cool wooden frame using a $5 pine board from Home Depot. She used a miter saw, pine board, wood glue, wooden joiners, acrylic craft paint to finish this wood frame.

  1. Floating Shelves

Aimee from It’s Over Flowing designed these floating shelves for her office. This project is great for storage as well as easy accessibility. Materials needed are Wooden Boards, Countersunk screws.

  1. Birdhouse

Cindy From Skip To My Lou built this bird house along with her daughter. A birdhouse adds charm to your yard and can be a great project for beginners. She used a saw, drill, pine board, plywood, PVC pipe, eye hooks and a dowel rod to complete this bird house. It can be a great handmade gift which will be adored by the recipient and loved by birds.

  1. Slatted Headboard

Mandi from Vintage Revivals is next on our list with this beautiful slatted headboard. It looks stylish, does not block the light and the whole project was completed in a day for under $70. She used Maple Boards, Miter Saw, Finishing Nails, Countersunk Screws, Danish Oil.

  1. Marbled Clay Hooks

Grace from Design Sponge designed this DIY Clay Hook for organizing her necklaces. She used Oven bake clay, Clay Roller, Glue, Ruler, Balsa Wood, Craft Knife, Metal Frame Loops for this project.

  1. Wooden Sofa Sleeve

This one is a unique project by Mandi from A Beautiful Mess. Who doesn’t love reading a really good book along with a perfect cup of coffee. But then you always need to lean over and get your coffee mug from the table.

This sofa sleeve solves that problem as you can enjoy your book and coffee without any hassles. You will need a Wooden Board, Plywood, Wood Glue, Wood stain along with some power tools like drills to build this super useful wooden sleeve.

  1. Wooden Baby Gym

This is a useful Toy related project from The Merry Thought. It is a great gift which is foldable and can be carried if you are travelling with your kid. You will need supply of Pine Board, Wood Dowel, Leather Lace, Wood Rings, Wooden Beads, Clamps, Table Saw, Sander, Drill and Wood Glue.

  1. Coffee Signboard

Sarah from Sadie Season Goods undertook this coffee themed project. She found a cheap wooden cutting board ($0.60) at a thrift store and turned it into a perfect sized signboard for coffee mugs.

She used orbital sander to smoothen the surface and edges, applied a fresh wood stain, used a stencil to carve the words and finally added a hanging mechanism using D-rings and braided wire.

  1. Triangle Shelves

Anusha from the blog Fish and Bull posted a project about Triangle Shelves on Design Sponge. DIY Shelves are a great way to display your plants and collectables. Also these shelves can be hanged on walls so they occupy minimum space. This project was completed on a weekend and does not require heavy carpentry skills. Materials required for this project were Cedar Wood, Mitre Saw, Measuring Tape, Wood Glue, Nails, Hammer, Sandpaper.

  1. Utensil Organizer

Latonya S posted this project on A Beautiful Mess for small kitchens. She used a vintage box purchased for $10 at a local flea market and turned it into a useful, pretty utensil box. She used a vintage wooden box, wooden dowel, wooden dividers, paint, copper pipe brackets, screws, L brackets to build this organizer.

The box can be easily carried on picnic dates & can be used for organizing party utensils, keeping garden plants. Also it is completely portable and can be carried by the handle.

  1. Wooden Clothes Rack

Chloe built this Clothes Rack along with her dad in less than 15 minutes. She tried looking for a clothes rack online but found the prices pretty steep. This rack is designed by Chloe herself and it is pretty strong without any swaying.

Also she attached a string at frame ends so that the rack can be folded. She used 4 untreated pine, 2 untreated pine dowellings, 1 m rope and 4 screws to build this rack.

  1. Modern Beaded Light Pull

Kelly from New Blooming was frustrated when she had to reach up to pull the cord for the closet light. It took her less than 10 minutes to design 3 such light pull for her closets. These might not be visible to outsiders but you will love these and get lots of benefits by building these.

Kelly used wood craft rings, wooden beads, white hemp twine and scissors. She was able to install these in under 10 minutes.

  1. Wine and Glasses Holder

Kristen from Down Home Inspiration built this cool bottle and glass holder. This holder can save you the hassle of filling up your hands with wine bottles and glasses.

All you need to do is grab the bottle neck and carry it around without any fuss. No need to make multiple trips and the best part, it is easy to make and inexpensive. Kristen used a wooden board, jigsaw or scroll saw, drill bit to make this holder.

  1. Wood Cutting Boards

Sherril’s husband (To Simply Inspire) came up with these gorgeous cutting boards. He bought a untreated poplar wood and cutting board oil for $15.

He used dremel tool to round the edges (can be done using sandpaper as well), and applied mineral oil 3 times to build these boards. Super easy to make and saves you from plastic potentially making to your food in case you use plastic boards.

  1. World Map Wall Art

Next project in our list is from Brightly Beautiful Blog. This one is more like a crafts project but since the base is wood, we decided to include it. Material used for this wall art included wooden board, wood stain to give the board a rustic look, silhouette world map, hook tool, transfer paper, sawtooth picture hanger.

  1. Wedding Wine Box

Wine boxes are in trend where couples seal letters written to each other along with wine bottle on their wedding day. Sealed box is then opened on the anniversary to reveal the letters and wine.

Jamison from Rogue Engineer built a similar box using solid red oak for less than $30. He used Miter saw, Table Saw, Brad Nailer, Tape along with Red Oak board to build this personalized wine box.

  1. Beer Caddy

Building a beer caddy is a fun and easy to create project. This caddy is bound to draw attention at your next bbq or in your next meeting in the man cave.

DIY Pete built this cool project using 12 inch miter saw, orbital sander, jig saw, nail gun & drill. Poplar board was used for the project and the total cost for building this was less than $20.

  1. Pallet Wood Bathtub Table

Angie from Knick of Time built this cool bathtub table. She loves writing, reading stuff soaking in her bathtub and therefore she decided to make a new one as her old table started rotting.

She used pallet wood, scrap wood, screws, wood stain, wood sealer, jigsaw, screwdriver for the project. She already had most of the stuff with her so she was able to build this table for nothing.

  1. Porch Signboard

Deb from Seeking Lavender Lane added a decorative Porch Sign. She crafted her own words using Picmonkey. Then she went to staples to get the print out on a 3’x3’ sheet.

She added the mod podge on the wood to apply the print out. Finally she used a stain to give that vintage look to the board. Overall a stylish and fun DIY project for porch decoration.

  1. Pallet Coffee Cup Holder

Katelyn from One Little Bird Blog decided to use the pallet which she picked from road side to make this coffee cups holder. The project was completed in two days, but as she mentioned it could have been done in one day as well.

She used Wood Pallet, Letter Stencil, Paint, Sandpaper, Circular Saw, Cordless Drill, Hooks and Screws to design this holder.


  1. Barn Wood House Number Sign

Susan from Love of Home hated her old house number sign board and came up with this cute sign board made out of old barn wood. She purchased the white and black numbers from Lowe’s for less than $1.50.

She attached the metal bracket to the wood board using rustic twines. This project should not take more than half hour if you already have got the supplies with you.

  1. Roman Numeral Pellet Clock

Sarah from Little Red Brick House came up with this Roman Numeral Pellet Clock. The clock hangs above the fireplace mantel. Since she wanted a rustic & imperfect look, she opted for pallet wood boards. Using a jigsaw, she was able to cut out a perfect circle.

She added Dark Walnut Stain to the board and added white paint leaving small circle in the center unpainted. She also added the roman numbers using pencil and later added paint. She did not add the clock hands which provided a unique angle to her clock.

  1. Simple Wooden Rings

Caitlin from The Merrythought designed these wooden rings with the help of tools in her dad’s workshop. She built this using scrap pieces of hardwood, drill, scroll saw, belt sander, wood finish. These are great for handmade gifts to your friends.

  1. Wooden Cell Phone Stand

Alyssa from Alyssa and Carla came up with this stylish looking cell phone stand. She had difficulty doing video calls with her parents as she would be doing her daily chores around that time. She needed a hands free solution as planting the phone against the wall is not a successful arrangement.

So she decided to build a portable, classy, inexpensive DIY phone stand using inspiration from craft stores in Tokyo. She used finished wood for base, 10-12 scrabble wood tiles, wood glue and 2 clamps.

  1. Egg Holder

Karen from Art of Doing Stuff built this attractive egg holder which can be kept inside the fridge or on the counter. She used Worn wood piece, cupboard handles, drill, hole saw. You could use straight cut wood for a more contemporary and clean look as well. Also you could use this holder to stock extra christmas balls or for serving appetizers and snacks. This holder can be built for $2.50-$10 if you already have the tools.

  1. Floating Night Stand

Another stylish and cool looking project from The Merrythought. Unique thing about this nightstand is the place for the phone. This allows you to use the phone as an alarm clock. Also it is a great space saver as it allows you to add things near your bed without compromising on floor space.

You could use a different stain, modify the board size and adjust the phone slot as per your needs. You will need a pine board, miter box, table saw, drill wood glue, nail guns, sand paper and screws to build this nice looking nightstand.

  1. Wood Coat Rack

Molly from Almost Makes Perfect is behind this coat rack project. She built this rack with few items from hardware store in a matter of few hours. She used Wooden Dowel, Poplar Wood, Saw or Miter Box, Drill, Wood Glue, Paint.

So this brings us to the end of the article. I have tried to cover only beginner level projects which are useful for your daily needs and can be built in quick time & low cost. Hope you liked this list, if you also completed a unique and easy project then do share in the comments below.

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