Best Tower Fan Reviews [2020 Guide]

Tower fans are the best option for cooling a large space in an efficient way. There are so many tower fans available in the market but when it comes to the most reliable, affordable and trusted fan, you should always go for the best. This post will provide you with the best options among tower fans.


If you are in hurry then I would suggest the following options :

  • Best Value Pick : Lasko 2551 is a popular pick which has received large number of positive reviews & good ratings on Amazon. You can find a nice deal on this fan by clicking here.
  • Best of The Best Pick : Dyson AM07 Tower Fan is the most stylish pick which will definitely make heads sway in your living room. It is also highly efficient and provides great cooling. You can get a good deal on this fan here.

Top Tower Fan Reviews

Lasko 2551 Tower Fan (#1 Recommendation)

Lasko 2551 Review

It is a tall one with a wind curve profile and a 42.5” height which helps in maximizing the air distribution. It is a 3- speed oscillating fan and there is an energy saver timer with auto shut-off up to 7-1/2 hours. It is patented and has a fused safety plug. It comes with a remote and easy carry handle.


  • If you are looking for a fan which comes pre-assembled go for it as you only need to attach the base to the fan and you can start using the fan right away.
  • Fan is very sturdy, quiet in operation and very powerful. Many people feel that air volume is less but the air that comes out of the fan is pretty cool & is useful for quickly lowering the temperature of the room.
  • It produces low noise which means it can be placed in your living room next to the tv without any concerns.
  • Remote control is handy if you wish to operate the fan from a distance. Also there are buttons located on top of the fan which are marked with icons for features like change speed, add oscillation, start ionizer.


  • Few users have complained about the bright LED light of the ionizer which can be a bit distracting in the dark room.
  • Some users also felt that oscillation range could have been more in case the room size is huge but over the course of time the fan is bound to lower the temperature across the room.
  • It doesn’t have an inbuilt thermostat which means fan cannot turn on or off automatically but then remote control can solve that issue.


  • If you are looking for a cheaper Lasko version then we would recommend this fan. It is a very popular model among different Lasko models.

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Honeywell Fresh Breeze Tower Fan HY-048BP (#2 Recommendation)

HY048P Review

This fan is very light in weight as it is made of imported plastic. It has got 3 speeds and a timer function for 1-12 hours shut off. This model offers an electronic LED display and touch button controls, along with a programmable thermostat. There is a remote control with built-in flashlight and it has got washable air filters.


  • Temperature Control is a unique feature which almost behaves like an air conditioner thermostats. Once you set the temperature it will continue to run till the temperature is achieved and then it shuts off. This is just a great feature as you do not have to run in middle of night to turn off the fan if it feels too cold. Just set the temperature & enjoy a great sleep.
  • Air Flow is higher and it oscillates in a wider span than comparative Lasko Fans. Many users feel that it provides the coolest air amongst all different fan varieties.


  • It comes in 5 separate pieces that need to be assembled which may be troubling for users.
  • There is an increased noise level when the fan operates in the Breeze mode.
  • Remote Design could be improved especially around the battery compartment.


  • The Fan comes with a warranty of 5 years. Fan takes less space in the room so if you are looking for a fan which can be kept in a corner without taking much space this is definitely a good candidate.

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Dyson Air Multiplier AM07 (Best of The Best Pick)


Our Best of The Best Pick is the Dyson Air Multiplier AM07 Tower Fan which I am covering separately due to the higher price this fan commands.

Let’s talk about the looks first because the moment you set your eyes on this fan it will take your breath away. It is definitely for people who are stylish and would like the room fan to compliment the decor of the room unlike the cheap $29.99 Walmart Fans which can be such a sore to the eyes.

And mind you it is not just the looks that this fan beats its competitors some of the key strengths are :

  • Bladeless Design: It ensures that there is no danger for you or your family members to get hurt from fan blades in case someone sticks a finger by mistake. Instead here you can extend your whole arm through the fan and enjoy the cool air all over your arm.
  • Low Cleaning Effort: Since there are no blades it means you do not have to clean the blades which can be a cumbersome task in itself. So no more unscrewing blades, clean with vacuum or soap, just using a wet cloth and wiping it takes a mere 2-3 minutes of your time.
  • Energy Efficient: It uses less than 10% of energy than the other regular tower fans and older Dyson models. But there is no compromise on the air flow as it can move quite a bit of air and comes with 10 air flow levels that can be adjusted.
  • Low Noise: Also the fan runs absolutely quiet because of the unique technology the model employs. Normally in regular fans the air flow is chopped due to the blades but in this fan the flow is continuous meaning smooth and low noise operations. So if you have troubles sleeping in noise, then get this and enjoy a peaceful sleep.
  • Excellent Customer Service: which means if you got any issues you can get in touch with these guys and they will handle all your complaints/worries and provide the best resolution in least amount of time possible.
  • Other Features: The AM07 model comes with a timer setting which allows you to shut off the fun at 15,30,45 minutes or hourly increments. Also it includes a magnetic remote which gets attached to the top of the fan meaning you do not have to search for your fan remote.

Though some customers have highlighted that the inability to tilt the fan means you have certain limitations to where you can aim the air flow. So if you want to aim the air flow to people sitting on the floor that can be an issue as the fan can oscillate left, right and at 90 degrees.

Also some users state that at higher levels like above 5 noise does creep in and may be bothersome to some. Also the remote needs to be pointed to the base of the unit for it to work correctly.

So in short the fan has lots of advantages but it comes at almost triple the price of standard Lasko, Honeywell, Ozeri Fans. I will advise you to pick it if you like to go for a fan that is stylish, quiet, powerful, safe and you want to impress your friends and relatives.

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Honeywell HY-280 Quietset Tower Fan (#3 Recommendation)

Thishoneywell-quiet-hy280-review fan is rising the charts on Amazon Best Sellers and is getting some great reviews as well.


  • It is definitely quiet at any speed and is thus a great option for your bedroom.
  • If you are looking for multiple speed options, then this fan gives eight levels of speed control.
  • Another important feature is Temperature Control so that the fan will automatically turn on or off depending when the room temperature rises above or below the set temperature .
  • Also it has an inbuilt timer which will automatically shut down the fan. You can set timer upto eight hours.
  • Some users also love the White Noise setting which helped them sleep well.


  • Some users found the LED control panel to be quite bright and you might need to cover it to maintain complete darkness in your bedroom.
  • The fan is not as sturdy or solid but still it does not wobble during operation.


  • This fan is great if you are looking for a quiet fan which has inbuilt temperature control functionality. Also the white noise setting is a unique selling point which we could not find in other fans.

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Lasko 2554 42-inch Wind Curve Fan

Lasko 2554 Review

The Lasko 42 Inch wind curve fan has a tall, slender design and automatic oscillation. It comes with a multi-function remote control. This model has a built-in optional ionizer which produces negative ions to clean the air.

The Lasko 42 Inch wind curve fan provides three fan speeds and lighted electronic push-button controls. There is a built-in timer on the fan which allows turn it off automatically up to 7.5 hours after it starts. It comes with a carry handle and a 1 year limited warranty.


  • It comes assembled and only the base needs to be attached which is easily achievable with a screw driver.
  • It does a brilliant job circulating the air in the room.
  • Runs at a very low noise level.


  • The bottom part is made up of plastic and therefore light weight making the top part bit heavy and there is a danger of toppling.
  • Range of oscillation can be improved, so that it can throw air to a wider span covering greater area.


  • Customers are satisfied with design, low noise level, Ionizer and wish to have improvements around oscillation range, remote functioning, bright lights.

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Honeywell Comfort Control Tower Fan, HYF-023

HY025 Review

The Honeywell 3-Speed Oscillating Fan provide superior cooling to every corner of the room. Height can be adjusted in this model and once its oscillating feature is stopped, it lets a user to direct the air in one single are. It comes with an integrated thermostat, a fully-functional remote control with a built-in flashlight, a washable air filter and an ionizer.


  • One thing is for sure that this Fan provides excellent cooling and therefore if low temperature is your priority then go for this fan.
  • It is quiet and is light on the pocket.
  • Design is excellent with controls at right place.


  • Only issue which we can highlight is the assembly of the fan and it took a long time for few customers to get it running after setting it up.
  • Also some people are concerned that it is a little wobbly due to the plastic base.


  • It has an excellent price and great performance. It has also received good reviews & ratings on Amazon.

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Ozeri 3x 44″ Tower Fan


It can oscillate at 60, 90, 120, or 360 degrees and comes with a 3 whisper quiet speed settings. It uses advanced cylindrical motion technology to generate airflow at least possible noise. It features 3 airflow patterns and has an 8- hour programmable timer. It has got stylish looks.


  • It has 3 Independent controllable fans which have 3 Fan speeds meaning you get 9 levels of airflow customized as per you needs.
  • It is pretty slick and thin (less than 3 inches) and has a glass base stand.
  • Produces very less noise, much lesser than standard pedestal fans.
  • Easy to assemble, takes just 2 minutes.


  • Noise level is felt more at third speed setting.
  • Little expensive but still much cheaper than Dyson Fans which are above $300.


  • If you are looking at a stylish fan for impressing your friends and do not wish to spend 3 times for the Dyson model then get this fan. It is slightly costly than above models.

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How To Choose Best Tower Fan?

First what is it? It is a tall, thin cooling system that stands upright just like a tower and usually comes in a rectangular shape. The reason for their popularity is that they can be hidden out of sight in any corner of the room.

They spread the cooling by the phenomena of oscillation. They come in different size and have the option of changing the height. 

The fan should be inexpensive and should offer quality cooling. It should cool your room, and should look great while doing it.

A fan should conserve energy and should clean the air too. It should be reliable, safe for children and pets and should work for years without any problems.

Features To Look For Before Buying

Stores are filled with varieties of fans of all shapes and design.  There are few things which should be kept in mind while buying it.


Now, it depends on how large is the space for which you are planning to buy it. Different models have different size and they offer a whole lot different level of power. So, before buying the fan, compare the size of the space to the power of the product.

Will it be able to cool the entire space? The product description will give you an idea on how much space it can cool.


A good rated fan is the one which has the easy to use controls. Check whether the product you are buying comes with a remote or is it sturdy. Although, these are mainly sturdier than pedestal fans, but still you should ensure that the model you are buying should remain stable for years.


A noisy model can really be very painful. Before buying, check the noise level of the model. Although, there are chances that you might not be able to test it on the shop, but you can go for online reviews to check it out. It is not possible to get a model with no noise but you can go for the one which has the least noise.


Different models have different speeds of oscillation. Many models have the option to change the airflow. It depends on the user as how fast does he want his fan to oscillate.

There are few models which can also change oscillate directions too. While most fans oscillate from left to right, there are few models which can oscillate up and down too. It depends on the user’s choice and space as what kind of cooling do space needs. Although, do remember that with an increase in oscillation speed, noise level will also increase.


There are different kinds of filters available like air filter, ionization technique, etc. Also, it should be checked that the filters are reusable or not, whether they can be washed or not.

Many models come with filters which needs to be changed frequently. It’s your choice what kind of filter do you want or do you want it or not. Remember, adding a filtration system in a fan increases its cost.


Fans made with plastic part may break or crack easily. Check for how many years you want it to last. If you need a fan for years and are going to use on a regular basis, then go for metal fans or fans with stronger plastic.


Check out the grate that covers the fan. Make sure it is not large enough for fingers to go through and if it is then make sure the blade is made of soft material. Also, grate helps in cleaning the fan. How easily can the fan be cleaned with that grate, is also an important question.


This is not an important factor if you want to use it in one place only. However, if you wish to move it from room to room, go for a lightweight fan.

Price and Warranty

These two are important aspects. Choose a fan which serves your needs and is affordable. Don’t just buy a fan all because it’s cheap. Also, make sure the fan has the manufacturer warranty and if anything goes wrong with the fan, it will be replaced in time.


These devices are tall and they are easily noticeable. No one wants to have a product in his home, which is not stylish. These can easily be seen so make sure it is stylish and has got a vibrant colour. Remember, with style it costs extra money. 


It is light in weight and can easily be moved from place to place. It offers amazing cooling at an affordable price. It can used at home, office, schools, etc. Just put it in a corner and it’s done.

There are many high quality models which offer features like air ionizer which is beneficial for respiratory health. It cleans the air as air ionizers use high voltages to introduce molecules in the air and it allows them to attract pollutants to their filter.

People suffering from respiratory illnesses such as asthma, tower fans with ionizers can be really helpful. Apart from this, it removes odours from the rooms.  It is economical, less noisy, conserves energy and have a remote for better settings.

Now, there is no need to get confused. Just find out what type you need, what is your budget and choose from our recommended list above. In case you are looking for some air tools for DIY activity then do visit our homepage.

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