Best Sawzall Reviews [2020 Guide]

If you are contractor, plumber, electrician, or simply a DIY-enthusiast, then you might understand the importance of cutting precise blocks of wood, pipes, drywall, etc. for various applications. However, using a saw to manually cut work surface and ensure accuracy is a time-consuming and tedious job. An excellent alternative to manual saws are these reciprocating saws, known as Sawzall.

What is Sawzall?

Also known as Sabre Saw or Reciprocating Saw, Sawzall is an electrical saw that is used in a variety of construction and home projects. These saws make use of push and pull motion of blades to cut even in tight spaces where no other type of saw can be used. Right from cutting blocks of wood, metal pipes, nails or pins, tree branches, to fitting a window, these machines are multi-purpose tools that can be used for a wide-range of jobs.


Value Pick : Dewalt DC385B is a great value option if you are looking to pick something for good price.

Best of Best Pick :  Dewalt DCS387B is the best cordless reciprocating saw while Dewalt DWE304 is the best corded sawzall as per our review.


As mentioned above, sawzall’s are powered by electricity or batteries and make the cutting process a lot more comfortable and convenient. They are compact, light in weight, and can be easily used in hard to access areas. Moreover, these power tools are very quick and they allow you to finish the job in a shorter period of time. Also, they allow precise strokes ranging from ¾ inch to 1 ¼ inches, enabling you to use the tool for faster, aggressive cuts, as well as, shorter, plunge cuts.

Best Reciprocating Saws In The Market

If you like to do small home remodelling projects on your own or you are a professional who is looking for a powerful cutting tool, a sawzall is sure to impress one and all. It is also known as a reciprocating saw, and is similar to a powerful electric jigsaw in appearance but is lot more powerful. The blades can be inserted in tightest of spaces to be used just as a jigsaw.

But the jigsaw comparison ends at the blade and how it rapidly functions up and down. As mentioned above, these are lot more powerful than jigsaws. They are larger and require you to use both the hands while cutting. Also, there is no need to rest the base of the machine on the work surface while working. While the cuts offered by jigsaws are precise and find, a

While the cuts offered by jigsaws are precise and fine, a sawzall’s cutting can be defined as crude. Right from cutting pipes, floors, ceilings, demolition work, to lopping the studs from the walls, these machines can do all of it and a lot more.

If you are a DIY-enthusiast or a professional contractor who is planning to buy a powerful model but are confused due to the overwhelming number of options available in the market, our list of top 6 sawzalls is sure to help you out. Understand your cutting needs and go through the

Understand your cutting needs and go through the below mentioned reviews to get yourself a model that is perfectly suitable for your needs.

Best Cordless Sawzall


While the design of DCS387B is similar to DeWalt DWE357 which came almost 5 years ago, it is about 2.5” shorter than DWE357 to enable users to use it in tighter spaces and offers much better control. Unlike brushless motors that are commonly found in majority of the power tools from DeWalt, DCS387B has a 4-pole brushed motor that offers an SPM of up to 2,900 for faster cutting.

The cordless saw features a 4-position blade clamp which allows you to fix the blade in two vertical positions and two horizontal positions to allow different types of cutting. It has a stroke length of 1-1/8” and also has a variable speed trigger to easily change the speed of the saw.

A unique feature of this reciprocating saw is its LED light which illuminates the work area and cutting surface to allow you to work in area with low lighting conditions. It also has a soft-grip handle for a comfortable and secure grip.

While a number of reviews suggest that the DCS387B is one of the best cordless reciprocating saws ever made, some users have complained that its trigger is too small and difficult to use with hands and the unit vibrates a lot while cutting.

Overall, the DeWalt DCS387B is an efficient performer, but its small trigger and vibration discourages a number of buyers. Make sure that you remember these drawbacks while choosing this saw.

Milwaukee Bare Tool 2625-20BLACK+DECKER BDCR20B

With a unique single-handed, cordless design, the 2625-20 M18 from Milwaukee is a highly convenient-to-use reciprocating saw. It is known as Hackzall as it can be used with Sawzall as well as Hackzall blades. With an SPM of up to 3,000 and stroke length of ¾”, the saw can effortlessly cut through many different types of materials.

Vibration is one of the most common problems in a large number of reciprocating saws and to tackle this problem, 2625-20 M18 features an innovative dual-gear anti-vibration mechanism. This mechanism reduces vibrations and shaking of the tool, especially when cutting through tougher objects. This provides the users with improved control and also enhances accuracy.

The cordless tool only measures 17.72 x 10.72 inches and weighs only 9.38 pounds, to keep the user fatigue at minimum. It has a unique QUIK-LOK blade clamp design which makes it easier for the users to remove and adjust the blade. Moreover, it also has built-in LED lights to illuminate the work surface.

Edward Mendez, a Verified Purchase shares that he find this a great tool. He feels that this Saw offers great balance and Upon usage he feels that it comes with ample cutting power that suits his needs. He has been using it in a few tight spots where a  larger saw could not have fit into. Edward feels that this tool purchase is a great idea for someone who already has other M18 tools along with batteries.’’

While the saw is truly exceptional, it is a bare tool. This means that you’ll be required to buy its rechargeable battery and charger separately.

Best Corded Sawzall


DeWalt is a brand that is well-known for its durable power tools and the DWE304 Reciprocating Saw is one its best. No matter if you want to cut through wood, heavy gauge metals, rubber, drywall, composites, nail embedded wood or fibreglass, DWE304’s powerful 10-Amp motor will allow you to get precise results every single time.

The reciprocating saw features a 4-position blade clamp which makes it highly versatile and allows users to do flush cutting. It also has a keyless lever-action clamp to facilitate the blade changing process. The saw operates at 0-2, 800 strokes per minute with a stroke length of 1-1/8”. It also has a variable speed trigger with the help of which users can easily adjust its speed.

This corded reciprocating saw carries a price tag of less than $100, making it an excellent value-for-money product, which is ideal for DIYers and professionals alike. For added peace of mind, the saw also comes with DeWalt’s 3-year limited warranty. While majority of the users agree that this saw is indeed a very fine product, some of the users have complained that its 4-position blade clamp is not that impressive.

One Verified Purchaser, Nathan. P, mentioned that he bought this from Lowes and he faced an issue with the clamp after 1 hour of use. Also the clamp became a bit wobbly. So, if you are planning to buy this saw for its innovative 4-blade clamp, it might leave you unimpressed.

Other than that the DeWalt DWE304 is a durable performer. Its price is a sweet deal for those who don’t need to do much heavy duty work and want a taste of versatility of usage.

Great For DIY Enthusiasts


Black and Decker is also one of the best power tool makers in the world and this BDCR20B Reciprocating Saw is a fine example which explains why the brand stands out from the rest. The saw features tool-less blade changing feature and variable speed trigger to effortlessly adjust its speed. It has a powerful 20V battery which is sure to provide you with an impressive cutting performance on many different types of work surfaces.

The saw has a stroke length of 7/8” and its SPM ranges from 0 to 3,000 to make sure that you are able to finish the job quickly. The pivoting shoe of the saw can be easily adjusted as per the required cutting angle for enhanced convenience. While the saw has a number of impressive features, many users suggest that it vibrates a lot while cutting and cannot be used continuously for longer durations.

Jeff, a Verified Purchaser suggests that there is a lot of vibration. And the entire vibration of the gadget sometimes gets transmitted to ones your hands holding the handle.

So, in short, this tool is not for professionals who need to use their reciprocating saws for hours at a time. However, if you are a DIY-enthusiast who only uses the saw once in awhile, the BDCR20B from Black and Decker can be a great choice.

Great For Professionals

DeWalt Bare-Tool DCS380BDEWALT Bare-Tool DCS380B

With the innovative 20V MAX Battery System, the DCS380B has a runtime that is about 35% greater and speed of up to 57% faster than the traditional saws from DeWalt. Just like many other cordless reciprocating saws from DeWalt, this one too, has a 4-position blade clamp to fix the blade in 4 different positions to allow different types of cutting.

It has an SPM range of 0-3,000 and stroke length of 1-1/8” to allow users to quickly finish their cutting jobs. It also features a variable speed trigger which offers enhanced blade control and speed adjustments. The pivoting shoe of the saw is adjustable to allow different types of cutting angles. Moreover, it also aids in improving the life of its blade and allows users to better control the depth of the cut.

To make sure that the users have a comfortable grip while working, it has soft-rubber grips that cover the metal built of the saw. One of the best features of this saw is the double oil sealed shaft which enhances its durability and minimizes contamination. A minor drawback of this saw is it consumes too much power and you will be required to charge its battery at frequent intervals.

Matthew. R, a Verified Purchaser, states, that the only con that he have found so far in the product is  that it eats up the batteries somewhat quickly. He is however impressed with its powerful performance. He has not yet found something this saw can’t cut yet. He has used it on all kind of materials like metal, wood, and plaster.

So, the reciprocating saw is a star-performer, but some users believe that it eats through the batteries very quickly, especially while cutting tougher materials. Other than that, it is a fine reciprocating saw which is ideal for professionals as well as DIYers.

Best Value Sawzall

DeWalt Bare-Tool DC385BDEWALT Bare-Tool DC385B

This cordless Bare-Tool DV385B reciprocating saw has been a part of DeWalt’s flagship combination sets and is now updated to accept Li-ion batteries. It has a stroke length of 1-1/8” and SPM range of 0 to 3,000. When fully charged and accompanied with a sharp blade, the saw can cut through plastic and wood effortlessly, however, its performance is not very impressive when used to cut heavy-gauge metals.

The reciprocating saw features 4-position blade clamp system which allows users to adjust the blade in multiple ways for a variety of cutting jobs. With a keyless blade change system users simply need to pull the lever located at the front of the saw to reposition or remove the blade. It has a stainless steel shoe at the front which can be adjusted at different angles as per the application.

Just like the majority of DeWalt tools, the DC385B also has impact-resistant, yellow plastic housing which covers almost 60% of the saw. Anti-slip rubber is used to cover the trigger area to make sure that the users have a comfortable grip on the tool. Even the front part of this saw is covered with anti-slip rubber moulding for enhanced protection.

The saw has received positive reviews and majority of the users have defined it with words like ‘’value for money tool’’, ‘’perfect addition to tool bag’’, ‘’hassle-free performance’’, etc.

The DC385B is indeed an easy-to-use saw which has a number of advanced features that can make the job simple and quick. If you are looking to buy a cordless reciprocating saw, it is surely a worthy contender.

Features to Consider Before Buying

Variable Speed Options- One of the most important things that you should consider while buying a Sawzall is the variable speed options of the tool which allows you to adjust the number of strokes in a minute. You will need a reciprocating saw whose speed can be easily adjusted as per the job type for enhanced precision and convenience.

Adjustable Depth of Blade Stroke– The freedom to choose the depth of how deep you want to cut is provided by this feature, which is generally offered in expensive models. Adjusting the shoe, or by using different types and sizes of blades, are the ways in which these tools allow you to change the depth of blade stroke.

Amp Rating- The amp rating of these machines is the strength of its cutting action. In short, higher amp rating means a more powerful model. The amp rating of sawzall’s generally ranges between 5 amps and 15 amps. For simple home repair jobs, a Sawzall with an amp rating between 5 and 10 amps is sufficient, whereas, professional construction jobs require a Sawzall with an amp rating of above 10.

Blade Change Type- Another important factor that you should definitely consider while choosing a reciprocating saw is the blade change type of the saw. Majority of the modern Sawzall feature a tool-less blade clamp, which allows you to easily change the blade without the need of any additional tools. While there are models that require you to use additional tools for changing the blade, a tool-less blade change arrangement is easier and quicker.

Vibration Reduction- Also try to buy a reciprocating saw that has a vibration reduction feature as it will allow you to use the tool comfortably and precisely for longer durations. It will ensure that your hands don’t tire easily, enabling you to use the tool for a longer time while also improving the accuracy of your job. This feature will allow you to cut in a smooth and straight manner to make sure that you don’t damage the work surface.

Hand Grip- For enhanced comfort and safety, it is also very important to buy a reciprocating saw that features non-slip handgrip. The handgrip should be ergonomically designed and steady to provide you with a precise cutting action. If you are out buying a model, you will see that the saws feature many different types of handgrips. Choose the one that suits you best.

Different Types of Blades

Before talking about the types of blades that are available for reciprocating saws, let us have a look at the most important aspects that you should keep in mind before buying one.

Teeth Per Inch (TPI) – Reciprocating saw blades are available in many different lengths and thus, only the number of teeth is not the correct way to buy a blade. As a result, the teeth of blades are counted as the number of teeth in an inch of the blade. Generally, the TPI of blades ranges between 3 and 24. The thumb rule is that at any given time, atleast 3 teeth of the blade should be in contact with the work surface while cutting.

Configuration of Tooth- The grouping and shape of the tooth have an impact on the cutting of the blade. These are the two aspects that define the configuration of a blade. There are basically five different configurations of blades that are used in reciprocating saws- Flat Top, Combining Tooth, Alternate Top Bevel, High Alternate Top Bevel and Triple Chin Grind.

Hook Angle- Majority of the blades have faces that are tipped in the direction of the push or pull. The relationship between the level portion and tip of the blade is known as hook angle. They can be negative, zero and positive. Blades with centered tooth have zero hook angle, the one with positive angle are ideal for ripping and other aggressive cutting tasks, whereas, blades with negative hook angle are ideal for cross-cutting.

Types of Blades

  • Crosscutting- Crosscutting blades feature many teeth and small gullet, which is the space between the teeth. As a result, these blades do not move much in the work surface. This type of blade is generally used for cutting along with the grain as it offers controlled and smooth cut.
  • Ripping- These blades have large gullet and fewer teeth, allowing it to move effortlessly in the work surface. Ripping blades produce rough cut and should be used with the grain.
  • Plywood- The number of teeth in plywood blade is higher than crosscutting blades. This is because, plywood cutting results in splintering and chipping, and the additional teeth in these blades keep them at minimum to ensure clean and smooth cut.
  • Combination- This type of blade is a combination of cross cutting and ripping blade. Combination blades are general-purpose blades that are used for a wide-range of cutting jobs.
  • Abrasive Blades- These blades are covered in coarse, rough materials. Abrasive blades are generally used for cutting through concrete, tiles, metals and masonry.

Corded Vs. Cordless Blades

While the sawzall’s were only powered by electricity in the past, the advancements in technology have provided us with cordless varieties as well.

If you are a DIYer who prefers doing small repair jobs at home on your own, then a cordless version is ideal for you. This is because, they provide you with enhanced convenience without the need to take care of the cables.

Moreover, they are extremely easy to use in tighter spaces even if there is no power socket located nearby. Also, while older cordless models didn’t have impressive batteries, modern models have powerful Li-ion batteries that charge quickly and last for an extended period of time.

However, if you are a contractor or a construction professional who is generally involved in large projects, then a corded model is right for you. As these saws are powered by electricity, you receive a continuous supply of power without the need to recharge the batteries.

Sawzalls are highly impressive tools that eliminate the tedium from the job and allow you to finish projects quicker along with highly impressive results. No matter what your preferences are, there are some highly impressive models that are available at every price range. However, it is very important to understand your requirements to ensure that you choose a variety that is perfect for your job.

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