Best Quiet Air Compressor Review [2020 Guide]

If you want to check out more compressors for your home, shop, cars do review our main page on best portable air compressor. The compressors listed on this page are all small compressors which are also very quiet so if you are looking for portable & low noise compressors then you can check out this detailed guide.


If you are in hurry & want to quickly find out the Best Small Air Compressor which is extremely quiet then my recommendation is Senco PC1010.

This compressor is 1 HP compressor suitable for small jobs in your home. It recovers very fast and is available at a great price here.

I have listed CFM requirements of some popular DIY tools which will be useful for you to decide type of compressor you would need.

  • Brad Nailer – 0.3 CFM
  • Framing Nailer – 2.2 CFM
  • Drill – 3 to 6 CFM
  • Impact Wrench – 2.5 to 5 CFM
  • Ratchet – 2.5 to 5 CFM
  • Angle Grinder – 5 to 8 CFM
  • Orbital Sander – 6 to 9 CFM

Best Quiet Air Compressors (Our No.1 Recommendation)

Senco PC1010

Senco PC1010

Senco PC1010 is a 1 HP compressor that is a high performer. It is compact, portable and can suitably be used for small and medium size jobs that require the use of pneumatic tools.

The compressor has been used in a number of applications and can be relied on to perform any given task. Its up –time ranges from 0- 128 seconds and has a max pressure of 125 psi. The pressure can be regulated depending on the job being done and the need.


  • Has a motor and a pressure, Thermal overload /reset
  • Has an air compressor pump, air intake filter, safety relief valve
  • Has an air tank drain valve, pressure regulator, outlet pressure gauge
  • Has a discharge line, ventilation openings
  • Comes with a 115 volt electric power cord

Key Advantages

The PC 1010 compressor can deliver 20-44 drives in a minute depending on the tool and the application it is put to. It has a motor pump that provides extra efficient operations and can be used to perform a variety of jobs.

One of the advantages of this compressor is that it is less noisy and will not disturb your neighbors when you are working. The base is rubber covered and will not scratch your floors when moving it from one point to another.


  • Very ideal for light tasks
  • It is less noisy
  • Can shoot different size of nails using various nail guns


  • It has very low air volume and thus, it is only suitable for small nail guns and heavy duty nail gun
  • It cannot be used for heavy duties tasks

Where to use it?

The pump is lube free and you don’t need to worry about messes. Disposal issues will not be part of your concern. If you want to carry renovations in your home, the pump is ideal since its capacity is one gallon.

It can be used for crafts or hobbies. Its recovery time is only 35 seconds and will not waste your valuable time during recovery process. It is durable because of the strong aluminum cylinder.


If you are looking for a compressor that has a quick recovery time and which does not have a very large motor, this is the compressor you should buy. Its price is competitive and will perform similar tasks that can be performed by more expensive compressors.

It can be used in any environment because it is less noisy and has a rubber suction feet that prevents it from skidding around. It will not scratch your floor and you will be comfortable using it to work. Senco compressor can effectively be used for small projects and home renovations.

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Best Quiet Air Compressors (No. 2 Recommendation)

Porter Cable CMB15

Porter Cable CMB15

The porter cable CMB15 Oil free compressor has a quick recovery time and can run 2.0 SCFM at 90Psi. The compressor has a 1.5 gallon tank, a thing that makes it light and easy to carry. It has a water drain valve and a rubber foot which reduces chances of scratching your floor. It has a water drain valve and 150 psi pressure tank that can store more air.

The compressor has a motor whose voltage is 120 and starts easily even in cold weather. It weighs about 20 pounds making it portable and easy to carry around.

It is fully enclosed hence the moving parts are properly protected. It has a 25 feet horse that makes it ideal for use to inflate tires or valves in hidden positions. This compressor comes with a one year warranty.


  • It is a 2.0 SCFM at 90 psi which allows for quick recovery time (ISO1217)
  • Has a 1.5 gal tank with water drain valve and rubber feet
  • 150 psi max tank, stores more air in the tank hence can serve you for a long time
  • It is durable, and requires no maintenance
  • It a low Amp 120 v motor that starts easily in cool weather


  • It is light and can easily be moved around
  • It is has a protect ion case
  • Its price is good
  • It is less noisy
  • It is durable and you will use it for a longer period of time


  • The hose and accessories are of low quality
  • It is difficult to assemble by first timers users
  • Lacks the power to inflate car tires

Where to use it?

The porter cable CMB15 gal Oil free compressor is designed to be used in the home and around the house. It comes with a one year warranty, has a relatively larger tank and its quality is reassuring.

Adjusting this compressor is easy and can be used to inflate bicycles and balls with ease. If you are looking for something small but powerful, this is the compressor you ought to buy. It is a perfect tool for your home garage although it is a little louder when running. The fact that it is easy to adjust makes it suitable for people who have little experience with compressors. It can be kept in the car and carried around.


It is convenient and has cut off at 120psi and cuts back of 90 psi. You can easily attach a hose on it to increase its performance. This is one of the compressors you can buy and be sure that it will serve you for a longer period of time.

Do not waste your money buying compressors that have not been tested but go for this compressor as it has an oil free pump whose performance is superb and it will give you an excellent service.

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No.3 Recommendation

California Air Tools CAT-6310

California Air Tools CAT-6310

This 6.3 gallon steel tank compressor is one of the best quiet compressors you must consider buying not because of the great price at which it is sold but because it is designed with great features including the fact that it is ultra quiet, makes less sound and is powerful.

It comes with a powerful motor and has an oil free pump that allows it to be used in uneven terrains and in areas where temperatures are different. It is an ideal compressor for those working in areas where noise is not required.


  • Is a 60 decibel compressor and ultra-quiet
  • It has an oil free pump that requires less maintenance
  • Has a 6.3 Gallon Steel Horizontal tank that comes with wheels
  • Weighs 49 Lbs making it easier to transport it
  • It’s a 1.0 HP with a peak of 2.0 HP


  • Require little time to assemble
  • It is quiet
  • Can be used on surfaces which are not flat
  • Can be used in uneven temperatures


  • It takes long to fill up
  • Becomes hot while running
  • It has a smell that may not please many people

Where it can be used?

The compressor could be used in the room, in the basement, or even in the studio. It is easier to put it on when you want to use it and put it off when you feel you have done enough work.

This is a great compressor that can be used for various purposes including sand blasting. It has a minimum PSI of 0 and a maximum of 120.This makes it an ideal product to use in painting medium size projects like a car. It can also be used in clinics as well.

Its power of 1 hp is capable of doing the job expected including nailing guns, v-nailers, spraying and painting.

How to use it?

The California Air Tools CAT 6310 is easier to assemble all you need to do is to attach the wheel to the filter and the cushion. Once it is assembled, you only need to plug it in a power source and it will be ready to use.

When in use it vibrates and can easily move about. However, this can be fixed by having a piece of wood placed between the guard and the head. When using the compressor, care should be taken so that it is not lifted too high because it can easily rotate and roll over.

When you choose to use it in spraying, you have an option of adjusting the pressure to a level that you are comfortable with. Perhaps 40 PSI could be ideal. At this level you can spray comfortably as you monitor the job done.


The compressor enjoys excellent ratings on Amazon because it is quiet and people can have a great conversation while it is running. It is compact and easy to move around as you work.

If you are looking for a compressor you want to use with a finish nailer, an air gun and one that you can use to inflate tires, this is the machine you must get it from Amazon.

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What are Quiet Air Compressors?

As the need to use air compressors widen day by day, the urge to address issues like air pressure, noise and the weight of air compressors emerge.

The ultra-quiet air compressors are an advancement of the popular air compressors that have been modified to regulate the normal noise of air compressors from the normal 80 dB to about 60 dB of sound.

Ultra-quiet air compressors are furnished with high-grade sound absorbers to trap noise and offer a cool working environment for their users. They are majorly used by professional users of air compressors who interact with them regularly to minimize chances of sound complications that may arise from prolonged exposure to noise.

Uses of Ultra-quiet Air Compressors

Most ultra-quiet air compressors are mainly used in the simple regular tasks like inflating sports balls and bike tires. This is because most of them are small sized and are engineered to address the regular uses.

However some like the California CAT-6310 is medium sized and can be used for delivering higher output viable for inflating vehicle tires and cleaning. Besides, its pressure of up to 150 PSI is capable to pump fluids into pipes or drain tanks. It can be used comfortably in a non-noise environment like within a residence house.

These types of air compressors can be used in schools and sports arenas as an aid to inflating sports ball. Their silent nature is a wonderful gem for areas that require less noise like in school setting.

Besides, the small sized ones can as well be used domestically to replace air pumps for bike tires or vehicle tires (for the medium sized ones).

The added feature of silence can also aid to empty tanks even in residential areas due to their silence. Since most of them are run on electricity, the medium sized compressors can be used to substitute the oil driven ones in gas filling stations owing to their high efficiency.

Common Features of ultra-quiet air compressors

The Ultra-quiet compressors have varied physical properties with respect to their manufacturers. Even so, the following properties hold for most of them:

  • Weight of about 20-90 pounds.
  • Limited sound of between 50dB to 60dB
  • Electricity powered (12V to 120 V)
  • Air pressure ranges between 45 PSI to 200 PSI
  • Durable: have relatively longer lifespan
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