Best Power Saw Reviews [2020 Guide]

In the modern Do-It-Yourself world, knowing a thing or two about power saws will be immensely beneficial for you if you are not willing to hire a professional. Power Saws are used for a variety of purposes – home renovation being one of them.  Also, if you have a garage attached to your house, and you work in there, it is inevitable that you will either cut or drill in the future and for that you require a saw. Below is a comprehensive list of some of the power saws available out there.

Different Types of Power Saws

  • Circular Saw: The circular saw is designed to be held in the hand and when it comes to turning huge pieces of wood and board into comparatively smaller sizes, it is the best bet. If the stuff you are cutting is thick, then you should purchase a circular saw with a large blade. Kitchen worktops, MDF doors and shelves, floorings that are laminated and plywood are best suited for this kind of saw.
  • Jig Saw: These saws are lightweight and best for chopping off wood. Its main function is to carve deep cuts in the wood and creating detailed holes in the drywall. You will get them wither with a battery or with a cord. While purchasing one look out for flexible speed, a blade motion which is orbital in nature and lights to make the cut you are making look brighter. You can check out some great jigsaws here.
  • Reciprocating Saw: It is stronger than a jigsaw and your best option when you are trying to cut materials made of plastic, wood, and metals. You need to use both of your hands while dealing with a reciprocating saw and once you push the trigger firmly, you will have enough control to make cut-outs and other extensive cuts. You can check out some great sawzalls or reciprocating saws here.
  • Table Saw: This is similar to the circular saw and when it is placed in an inverted position, you can easily make lengthy cuts. If you are considering a bevel or meter cut, then you need to give more priority to a table saw and less to its circular counterpart. Remember that the quality of a tale saw is dependent on its size and if portable ale saws are your thing, then look for a platform that can be easily folded.
  • Miter Saw: It has the mechanism of a guillotine and is often referred to as the chop saw. A good quality miter is flexible and is ideal for making complex cuts in the walls. If you are trying to frame a picture or put a mirror in its place, then choose this saw as it has the ability to keep be persistent and firm while cutting the wood.
  • Band Saw: This is vastly different from a reciprocating saw because like the latter, it doesn’t go to and fro while cutting through a material. A band saw is best used for cutting timber, metal and meat.
  • Tile Saw: A tile saw is comes in different dimensions and they are built to be used along with water to remove heat from the material they are cutting into. If you are aiming for square cuts and angled cuts, this is your best option. You can check out some great tile saws here.

Power Saws – Cordless and Electric

Benefits of Using Cordless Power Saws

  • They are soundproof, small and generally uncomplicated to work with.
  • These are ideal for people who are not professionals.
  • They are excellent for cutting gout doors and constructing doors.

Benefits of Using Electric Saws

  • Compared to saws running on gas, an electric saw makes much less noise.
  • There is no need to add fuel, just plug it in and start working.
  • They are best for long-term storage and easy to clean.

In short, a cordless electric saw is your best bet if you are working in areas which are surrounded by schools, churches, hospitals, and parks.

Factors to Consider While Selecting a Saw

  • Inspection of the Saw and its Blade: The blade needs to be examined for any kind of damage. Also, be on the lookout for any kind of broken teeth on the saw. When it comes to the blade, a rusty one should be avoided by all means. Also, ensure that the blade turns out to be rusty, it can be quickly changed.
  • Correct Angle: Although there is no rule of thumb for the correct saw position, but for you own convenience, place the saw in such a manner so that it is perfectly opposite to the greater part of the board, which is still intact.
  • Speed: Remember that there should be absolutely no “loan speed” when the saw isn’t working (read: cutting).
  • Watts: The relationship between watts and a saw is proportional which means the motor will be sturdy if the watts are great in number.
  • Strokes: The saw will be smooth and efficient if you manage to make the number of strokes pretty high.

Power saws are a kind of power tool which come in various types – portable or stationary. They are usually for construction purposes.  or It is recommended that if you are using them for maintenance of your house, purchase one which will not only be portable and easy to carry around but will also produce significantly less sound and vibration.