Best Jigsaw Reviews [2020 Guide]

What is a Jigsaw & Its Benefits?

No matter if you are looking to build a wooden table or chair, a jigsaw can help you complete the job effortlessly. These are versatile power tools that can be used to cut straight or in curves, on a variety of materials, like wood, plastic, metals, ceramic tiles, etc.

And the best thing about them is the fact that people who have never used them in the past can also use it without any hassles. While the outcome will be more precise and attractive if you are an experienced user, beginners too can use them effortlessly.

These are an excellent addition to power tools that allow you to finish work much faster than hand saws or hacksaws, saving you an abundance of energy and time. They are excellent to work with in smaller workplaces as they are compact and light in weight.

They are excellent to work with in smaller workplaces as they are compact and light in weight. But even with this compact form factor, they can do majority of the tasks that a band saw or a circular saw can do, for instance, cutting pine boards or plywood.


Value Pick :  Black Decker BDEJS600C is a great value option if you are looking to pick something for good price.

Best of Best Pick :  DeWalt DCS331B is the best cordless jig saw while Bosch JS470E  is the best corded jigsaw as per our review.

Different Types: Corded, Cordless, Pneumatic

If you are searching for a model for small home projects, then a cordless variety can be an excellent choice for you. They are highly convenient to use, carry, store, and are powerful enough to get a variety of cutting jobs done as well.

These varieties work on rechargeable batteries and you also have the option of buying extra batteries if you need to work for longer durations without interruption.

If you are a professional who uses these machines on a daily basis for cutting thicker materials, a corded variety will be a better choice.

Even the weight of corded models is generally lighter than cordless models, which helps in reducing fatigue while working. They have a more durable construction and as they are continuously powered by electricity, there are no interruptions due to low battery.

If you want a heavy duty tool which needs to be placed in a workshop and not carried around, a pneumatic variety can be a perfect choice for you.

An additional air compressor will be required with pneumatic models as they are powered by air. As the compressors are generally very heavy, pneumatic models are least portable.

Best Rated Jig Saw Machines

These machines can be used to perform curved cuts, straight cuts, cross cuts, plunge cuts, bevelling, ripping and a variety of other shapes.

Moreover, they can also be used to cut many different types of materials, like wood, plastic, ceramic tiles, metal, and a lot more. A large number of experts agree that these can perform the job of a variety of power tools, like router, scroll saw, circular saw, and band saw.

No matter if you are a professional who is searching for a power tool to eliminate the hassles and fatigue involved in manual cutting or are a DIY-enthusiast who likes to do small home projects on your own, you need these.

To help you choose one from the gamut of options available in the market, we’ve reviewed 6 of the best models to make things easier for you. Understand their features, pros and cons to make sure that the model you choose, is perfect for your cutting needs.

Best Value Jigsaw

Black Decker BDEJS600CBlack Decker BDEJS600C Review

If you are looking to buy a model that is powerful, durable and affordable, you cannot go wrong with this BDEJ600C from Black and Decker.

This model has a 5 Amp motor which will allow you to easily cut through a variety of materials with ease and an SPM of up to 3,00 to make sure that you are able to finish the job quickly. It has an adjustable shoe which is made from heavy gauge metal and allows you to perform bevel cuts in right and left at 22.5 and 45 degrees.

The tool has an innovative Curve Control Technology with the help of which you can adjust the orbit of the saw in any one of its four customized settings. It has a tool-less mechanism to install and remove a blade and its exhaust port ensures that the cutting waste is directed away from you while working.

Even though the model is flooded with so many features, it still has a compact form factor and only weighs 4.7 lbs, making it easier for you to use, carry and store the saw with minimum fatigue.

Moreover, it comes with a 30-day guarantee and 2-year warranty. And the best part of this model is its price, making it one of the most inexpensive options out there.

While almost everything about this saw is pretty impressive as pointed out my many people who reviewed the product , some people have pointed a few drawbacks in their reviews.

George McAdams, a Verified Purchaser, has mentioned in his review, that the “Smart Select Dial” didn’t work for him. Some other buyers have also suggested that the Smart Select Dial is somewhat confusing to use.

Nevertheless, the Black and Decker BDEJS600C is still a great value-for-money product.

Porter Cable PC600JS 6-Amp OrbitalPORTER-CABLE PC600JS Review

If you are searching for an affordable machine that offers heavy-duty performance and has features that are only found in high-end saws, then PC600JS from Porter Cable can be an excellent choice. It has a 6-amp motor which can cut up to 3,200 SPM. With variable speed setting placed close to the thumb area, you can change the cutting speed on the fly.

It also features 4-position orbital lever with the help of which you can get precise cutting results in many different situations. For enhanced versatility, it also features a 7-position speed dial. Its base bevels in 0, 15, 30 and 45 degree angles. Just like every other saw mentioned above, PC600JS also has keyless blade changing mechanism for quick removal and replacement of blade.

It also has LED lights with the help of which you can easily cut in low lighting conditions. For keeping the cutting line clear and free from cutting dust, it has a blower as well.

While this model is an excellent performer and has a contemplating price tag, many users have suggested that its quality is not as impressive as one would expect, especially its blade holding mechanism.

Mark Loyet, a Verified Purchaser, says ‘’ that he has used this saw for over one year and has worked well for him. He only wishes that the hold/release mechanism should have been made of metal instead of plastic.

On the other hand, there are also many users who are highly impressed with this saw. So, overall, with a decent price tag, PC600JS is still a value-for-money product.

Best Cordless Jigsaw

DeWalt DCS331BDeWalt DCS331B Review

If you’ve used power tools in the past, you might agree that their cords are highly bothersome. While using a jigsaw, the cords reduce your range of motion, get in the way while working, and you can even end up cutting the cord while working. If corded tools are not your thing, the DCS331B from DeWalt can be an excellent option for you.

The cordless varieties provides you with enhanced motion and flexibility and with a power supply of 20-volt and SPM of up to 3,000, you don’t even need to sacrifice power for flexibility. The keyless shoe bevel of the saw allows you to cut at 0, 15, 30 and 45 degree angles. It has a 4-position orbital action to provide users with an enhanced control on the speed and quality of your cuts.

The model features keyless blade change mechanism for hassle-free removal and replacement of blade. It also has an adjustable dust blower to make sure that the line of cut is free from chips and waste generated from cutting.

DCS331B is everything that you want your saw to be, however, a large number of users have suggested that it is very heavy and is little costly too, being at the higher end of the price range scale. Also, this is just a bare tool that doesn’t come with a charger and battery.

However, if you are looking for a durable and heavy-duty option, the DCS331B is still a great contender.

Best Corded Jigsaw

Bosch JS470EBosch JS470E Review

It was Bosch who first introduced a handheld type in the market and they are known for their innovative technologies. Even this JS470E model is filled with a number of useful features that make the cutting process simple and quicker. It has a powerful 7 Amp motor and SPM ranging from 500 to 3000 for smooth and quick cutting.

It has 4-orbital action settings to provide users with a variety of blade strokes ranging from smooth to aggressive cuts. It features a dial for setting the maximum speed and an accelerator trigger for maintaining the required operating speed.

It has a tool-less blade-changing mechanism for quick insertion of blade and a blade-ejection lever to easily remove the blade.

It also has an adjustable dust blower with the help of which users can keep the line of cutting free from cutting dust. For enhanced cutting convenience, it also has a lock-on button with the help of which both the right and left-handed users can use this tool with ease. Its foot is made from sturdy die-cast material and its insert is made from steel, making it an ideal tool for any demanding environment.

While this model carries a slightly higher price, it is justified when compared with the features of this tool.

However, there are a few drawbacks of this power tool as well. Graham. HK, a Verified Purchaser has mentioned some of them. He says, ‘that he found it to be well-built and powerful. He however found it difficult to cut across curved paths or other designs.

On the other hand, majority of the other users have positively reviewed this model finding it a good deal and even with an expensive price tag, it is still a worthy contender.

DeWalt DC330BDeWalt Bare Tool DC330B Review

With an 18-volt battery that runs its variable speed motor up to an SPM of 3,000, the DC330B from DeWalt is one of the most powerful cordless models that can easily cut through many different types of materials, like laminated countertops, nail ridden wooden panels, plastic, many different types of metals, etc.

It features a keyless blade-changing mechanism for quick and painless blade replacement. Even the shoe bevel of this saw can be adjusted without any keys and can be used for cutting at 0, 15, 30 and 45 degree angles.

It has a metal lever with the help of which you can easily lock in the desired cutting angle. The orbital action with 4 different positions allows you to have an enhanced control on the cutting speed of this saw to make sure that you are able to cut through soft and hard materials.

It also has an adjustable dust blower which majority of the users agree, does an exceptional job of keeping the line of cutting clear.

It is advertised by DeWalt to accept T-shank blades and universal blades. However, a lot of customers have complained that the saw is not compatible with many different types of blades.

A user mentioned in the reviews that he tried more than two dozen universal blades without any success. Also, a lot of users have stated that the saw loses the blade very often.

Jaque Le’Fleur, a Verified Purchaser, mentions ‘He found it to be a reasonable tool and is able to use it many times for all kinds of things. However like many other users he too struggled with the blade.

However, an ideal solution to eliminate this problem is to use T-shank blades from DeWalt or any other brand. In short, the DC330B provides you with the heavy-duty performance of a corded model along with the manoeuvrability, flexibility and portability of a cordless type.

Popular among DIYers

Black and Decker Smart SelectBlack & Decker Smart Select Review

If you are a professional and generally look for control and precision in a power tool then the Smart Select Orbital from Black and Decker can be your true companion.

The best thing about this saw is its Smart Select feature which provides you with 7 different types of cutting options. Once you start cutting, this feature will automatically adjust the orbital setting of the saw to provide you with impressive cutting results.

It has a 5.0 Amp motor and an SPM ranging from 800 to 3,000. It has a tool-free blade design to quickly remove and replace the blades without the use of screwdrivers or wrenches.

Its Accu-Bevel lever offers precise bevelling cuts up to 45 degrees. Moreover, there is also an indicator which indicates that exact angle you are working at. For keeping the cutting line clean and prevent the particles from entering in the saw, it has a sawdust blower.

While the saw has a number of unique features,  making it a great choice by many reviewers, its Smart Select feature which is its USP is termed as ‘’confusing’’ by a lot of users. Flat Five, a Verified Purchaser, mentions how he finds the  ‘smart select’ dial is confusing . Even with the pictures in print on the saw, it’s often tough to understand which setting is to be used.

Nevertheless, if you are looking for a heavy-duty model that has innovative features and can provide you with precise cutting results, this Smart Select 5.0A Orbital from Black and Decker is what you need.

Features To Consider Before Buying

Motor Power- There are corded as well as cordless models available in the market and they have different motor power ranging from 18-20V for cordless models and 4-7 Amp for corded models. Needless to say, the more power the motor will have, the better will be the performance of the saw. For small home projects, a model with an 18V or 5 Amp motor should be ideal. While motor power is an important consideration, other features like orbital settings, variable speed and bevel settings also have an effect on the performance of the saw.

Speed and Speed Settings- While RPM is generally used to determine the speed of most of the power tools, for these machines speed is expressed in SPM (Strokes Per Minute). Majority of the saws have max speed of 3,000 SPM which is more than enough for all the small and medium-scale projects.

Also make sure that thetool you choose has variable speed settings. A large number of modern varieties have around 4 to 7 different speed settings to provide users with enhanced precision and flexibility. Remember that if you want to cut through hard steel, you will need a model with slower reciprocations and if you are looking to cut through hard wood, you will need one with faster blade reciprocations.

Number of Orbital Settings- Normal varieties can only move up and down, but a model with orbital setting can be moved up, down, and sideways as well, with a circular motion. This not only helps in improving speed and precision, but also aids in removing chips. Moreover, these saws also allow you to select the orbiting amount with the help of a lever to allow different types of cuts in a variety of materials.

If you are looking to buy a type which can be used on a variety of materials and different cuts, make sure that you pick a model with more orbital settings. On the other hand, if you only need to work on a single type of material, then you will not need many orbital settings.

Bevel Cuts- Majority of the models can be tilted for making bevel cuts. Generally, users are only required to loosen a screw to tilt the base in either direction up to 45 degrees. Most of the models have an Allen wrench on-board for adjusting the base, some modern ones have a lever which the user can loosen or tighten for adjusting. The base of these can be moved back and forth, and can be locked at 45 and 90 degrees to eliminate the need to use a protractor or square for adjusting the saw for these angles that are very commonly used while cutting.

Moreover, when you slide the base of the saw backward and lock it in that position, you can easily cut right up to a vertical surface. This feature comes in very handy while working in a closet or cabinet. Some expensive models also feature an insert or plastic cover attached on the base to prevent scratching of the delicate surfaces, like plastic laminates and veneers.

Compatibility with Different Materials and Cuts- If you are looking for a saw that can be used on different types of materials for variety of cuts, make sure that the type you choose has more orbital settings and speed. If the orbital settings and speed are not sufficient, the saw will be too slow for some materials and cuts, and too fast for others.

If you are unable to find any solid information about the cutting performance on its packaging, have a look at its specification and search for variable speed settings and orbital settings to estimate its cutting performance on different materials.

Also, while most of the jigsaws are excellent when it comes to straight cuts, their performance starts to suffer while cutting in curves. The orbital settings of a jigsaw allow users to adjust as per the types of cut. Curved cuts will need lesser orbit, whereas, straight cuts will need more. So, is the one which offers multiple orbit settings, it indicates that the saw will offer equal precision with straight as well as curved cuts.

Removing and Replacing Blades – Another important aspect is how easy it is to remove and replace its blade. To make this process easier and quick, many of the feature a quick-release system which can be used to remove blade without the help of any additional tools. With such models, all you need to do is to pull a lever or press a button and the blade will come out from the blade carrier.

Different Types of Blades

For quick and precise cutting, it is very important to choose a blade with a shank that is compatible with the work surface. The type of shank determines how the blade will be attached with the saw. While there are many different types of shank, U-Shanks and T-Shanks are the most common. There are a number of brands that use specific shanks and then there are many older models which use shank that are no longer produced, like bayonet.

Make sure that you check the specifications to make sure that you only use the blade that is compatible with the saw. Moreover, there are also many varieties that are compatible with multiple types of shanks.

U-Shanks- This type of shanks are manually fastened to the device generally with the help of a locking screw. An Allen Key or some other tool is required by these shanks.

T-Shanks- This type of shank is more popular than U-Shanks as they are generally used in devices that feature quick-release blade systems that make the blade removal and replacement process easier. Moreover, T-Shanks can also be used in U-Shank models as well.

Size of Blade

The size of a blade differs in thickness and length. It is very important to choose a blade size as per the type of material and type of cut you need. The thumb rule is to choose a blade that is atleast one inch longer than the materials thickness. Manoeuvrability and flexibility of the blade is also affected by the thickness and width of the blade.

As the blades do not have any support at the rear end, thicker blades are less prone to bending. While thinner blades are not very wide and can bend, they are ideal for cutting intricate patterns and sharp curves.

It is a highly versatile tool which eliminates the need for using a separate scroll saw, band saw, circular saw, and router. Moreover, they can also be used for different types of cuts on a wide-range of materials.

Remember the above mentioned points while buying this multi-purpose tool to ensure that your purchase is efficient, economical, and provides you with seamless functionality year-after-year.

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