Best Angle Grinders Reviews [2020 Guide]

What are Angle Grinders?

Also called as the side or disc grinders, these are handheld power tool with an abrasive disc that rotates, used for cutting, grinding and polishing.

When it comes to power, these grinders can be powered by electric motor, petrol engine or compressed air. A typical model comes with an adjustable guard and a side handle to facilitate two handed operation. It contains large bearings that facilitate in counter-siding the forces generated during the cutting operations.

These grinders are capable tools that can cut or grind metal objects, perform sand, polish & sharpening operations. Also their versatility comes from their ability to work with various blades, wheels & other accessories.


Value Pick : Porter Cable PC60TAG is a great value pick as it offers great RPM of 11,000 along with durable 6 amp motor & can cater to all your grinding, sharpening needs. You can check its price by clicking here.

Best of the Best Pick : Makita 9557PBX1 is my pick if you wish to go for the best in terms of the actual operations & great return on investment. Have a look at today’s price of Makita grinder.

What’s in this guide?

In this guide, I have covered 3 different variants of Electric Grinders from top brands and also 2 variants of Die Grinders (Pneumatic versions). I have presented my personal views as well as incorporated feedback from multiple reviews of verified users from various sites.

Now it is upon you to decide whether to go for Electric or Pneumatic but frankly the pneumatic ones have a better life as they use air for their operations which keeps the machine cool. Also regular oiling of the pneumatic grinders can extend their life. But yes you will need a good air compressor for operating a Pneumatic grinder.

So ideally if you would use a grinder daily then perhaps investment in air compressor & pneumatic grinder is better else for not so regular usage perhaps an electric one will be better.

Also mentioned are few important accessories which are necessary for your safety while working with these grinders. If I talk about brands, Dewalt & Milwaukee variants have much better built plus spare parts for these brands are readily available. Porter Cable probably comes next followed by Black & Decker.


Top Angle Grinder Machines


Porter Cable PC60TAG Review


This Grinder is a wonderful tool for purposes like grinding, sharpening, cutting metal surfaces, cleaning & finishing surfaces. It is ideal for electricians, contractors, plumbers and obviously DIY enthusiasts looking for a cheap & good quality machine. You can utilize it on different projects like grinding welds, grinding of support brackets, cutting aluminium metal pieces etc. Since it is lightweight, it is great for carrying to remote jobs, small jobs & jobs involving detail work.


The built of the Grinder is solid with great features at affordable price. It is durable with its 6.0 amp motor yet light in weight. Now this 6.0 amp motor is similar to the one found in Makita 4-1/2′ variety but it definitely falls short of the 10.0 amp motor that Dewalt offers in their grinder versions.

Comes with a 3 year limited warranty and a 90 days money back guarantee.The guard has a quick release lever that makes it much convenient to move around. Also the side handle can be adjusted to 3 different positions which allows a user to adjust the tool as per the task & at the same time maintain control & precision.

Guard Removal

I personally like the fact that the guard can be adjusted without using any additional tools.  With the slide switch, you can easily switch between the wheels. This ensures that you save a lot of time between different guard change. Sometimes the switch may get jammed if you are doing woodwork as there is no proper insulation which protects the switch from dust & wood shavings.

Build Quality

The overall feel of the Grinder is good and the three handle positions is a nice feature to have. It is well built, weighs pretty light, and is comfortable to use for long duration.The sturdy cast metal gear case increases the life of the tool & makes it pretty resilient if you want to use in your workplace.

Areas of Improvement

A small complaint noted by certain users was the lack of case or bag to house the grinder & its accessories. Now if you are carrying this grinder to a remote job then yes this could be an issue as a bag could come in handy for keeping all the different wheels, different guards, wrench & grinder together.

Also to be noted is that this grinder does not come with Type 1 guard nor with a metal cutoff wheel.  It comes with Type 27 guard along with one grinding wheel. One user recommended to take the Type 27 guard & lay it on a sturdy table. Now start tapping around small hole with a hammer till it becomes flat & voila you will  have a Type 1 guard. But I know this ain’t a foolproof method.

So better option, If you are looking for a grinder with cutting wheels then probably you can check out PC60TPAG which also comes with cutoff guard and grinding guard along with multiple grinding and cutting wheels.


Overall, the Grinder is a great value for money. It has decent power for small jobs and can run long at a stretch without getting overheated.

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Dewalt DWE402 Review

This model is one of the most useful and durable of the machines. Dewalt is a solid name in Grinders and this particular machine proves this fact.


It comes with full power motor at 11 amp that makes it one among the most powerful tools, ideal for any jobs. Dewalt has quite a few 4 1/2 inch grinders but this model is suited for heavy duty needs.

It offers a one touch guard that allows for 360 degree rotation of the guard with a single action. Also you can quickly release the wheel without using any external tool by pressing the Quick Change Wheel Release button.

Also it houses a dust ejection system which helps remove the debris & dust particles which can get stuck while operating this device.

Areas of Improvement

The absence of Type 1 Guard may disappoint some users a bit, as one might want to use the Type 1 Wheels and the unavailability of the safety guard device certainly does not seem to be justified. Also, the machine is a bit heavy in weight and hard to start in the beginning.

Now I agree that this is is little heavier than the lighter counterparts of Makita & Porter Cable but I am sure you do realise that with great powers (11 amp unit) comes great responsibility. And this machine does fulfill its price & weight tag by its smooth operation during your heavy duty jobs.


Overall, it is an excellent machine and it has a paddle switch with safety lock-off that prevents accidental start up. Very Impressive machine and comes with a 3 year limited warranty.

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Makita 9557PBX1 Review

I spent a lot of time doing the research as I know everyone loves a Makita machine. So I thought I will give you all the juicy details in one go.


It has a powerful motor of 7.5 amp with protective zigzag varnish to keep dust and debris out. This means you do not have to waste your precious time cleaning the tool after its operation. Also this ensures Makita can last longer than its counterparts.

Also It has a side handle and a tool less guard adjustment.

Paddle Switch

The paddle switch  is one step ahead of the cheap ones available in the market. It has a locking/non-locking paddle switch with an ease of usage.  The switch runs through the entire length of the grinder and there is no limitation as to how can you hold it but the moment you leave it or let it go, the tool will stop.

There is a small latch positioned in the middle that needs to be flipped before the paddle switch can start working. No many other grinders provide Thumb Switches which forces you to hold the tool in a particular fashion so that you can reach the switch when you want to turn the grinder off. But this may not always be ideal scenario as you want the switch to be available whichever way you hold the tool.


This grinder comes with a nice case, various grinding wheels and a diamond cutter.

In all, the Grinder’s extra-large paddle switch makes it pretty comfortable to work with and  it cuts through U-bolt and iron plate readily enough.

If you want to use this machine it is advisable to use it with Safety Glasses. If you are ordering this machine or any other grinder please do order good pair of Safety Goggles as well.

I also purchased a Wire Wheel so that I could use it to remove rust from furniture kept outside, lawn equipments etc.

Other Brands Competition

During research I came across 2 close competitors Milwaukee  6130-33 & Dewalt D28110. Both are 7 amp varieties. But then both of these have thumb operated switches. Milwaukee’s switch was just too flimsy for my standards and Dewalt is tad too heavy and large for a 7 amp grinder.

This is the fourth Makita grinder I have purchased. I now have a 4″, 4 1/2″, 7″ and 9″. I used my grinders almost 5 days a week working with metal and farm equipment. Every Makita product I have purchased has been excellent. Makita has great service as well. DeWalt isn’t bad but Makita seems to be stronger, lighter and the brushes in the motors outlast any other manufacturer’s products.

Verified Buyer Comment


Only issue I came across was the case is little small more so when you keep all the provided accessories in the case. If you then want to add a wire wheel or wire brush or maybe a few extra blades then you will run out of space.

But despite this small weakness, I do really reach the conclusion that the grinder is Best in the market and  just perfect for everyday use. 

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Best Die Grinder Reviews

Die Grinders are again used for grinding, sanding, polishing but these are mostly pneumatic or air powered.

Ingersoll Rand 301B Air Angle Die Grinder

Ingersoll 301B Review

With 21000 RPM speed from 0.25 HP motor this right angle configuration tool is a great pick for air powered grinders. It is an excellent grinder that is relatively small in size and runs quite without making any noise.

This tool is perfect for reaching those tight spots which you could not reach with regular grinders.

This grinder also has strong aluminium housing which allows it to withstand difficult operating conditions.

The Grinder has a front exhaust which keeps the work surface clean and a standard collet size. It comes with a durable ball-bearing construction which helps in improving balance, lowering of vibrations, long life of the tool.

It runs cool and smooth grinding away sand cast-mold marks and blending casting imperfections with 2-inch sanding discs. It has an integral safety-lock throttle lever prevents accidental starting up.

The only thing that bothered some users was that you need to purchase the air inlet stem (auto/Industrial), a oil/water separator and a 2″ 1/4 shaft roloc disc holder in order to ensure the smooth working of the grinder.

In summation, a nice grinder that is easy to move and handle. It is small, lightweight and allows you a smooth & easy operations.

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Ingersoll Rand 1/4″ Air Die Grinder 3107G

Ingersoll 3107G Review

The grinder has a lot of power, so while grinding or polishing in a tight spot, you need to take precautions from a possible push back. It is rugged, lightweight, small tool suitable for grinding, polishing needs.

It has 27,000RPM, and you can vary the speed with the trigger. It handles a 3″ cutoff wheel, carbide, and a wheel for spotting. The machine is Equipped with 1/3-horsepower motor, 1/4-inch collet, and self-locking throttle. It has an ergonomic design which delivers good torque & greater safety.

Also grip is contoured which allows great comfort during operation.

Though the grinder is made so that the speed can be varied but the trigger becomes sticky and does not allow changing the speed with the trigger. This is something where this particular product from IR lacks. At such a high RPM, the speed control/.adjustment option should be smooth working and not sticky.

I definitely recommend this die grinder and for the price, you really can’t beat this one. It has very smooth operation and is not at all loud at all. It has a Ball-bearing construction that’s rugged yet lightweight and comes with a 1 year limited warranty.

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Uses & Benefits

These grinders are mainly used in metalworking, construction and for removing spare material from a piece. They are mainly found in workshops, service garages, automobile repair shops and at home with people who Use-It-Themselves. With these machines, you save on time and efforts spend with low cost of operation. The outcome is more appealing and professional.

Here is a list of a number of Benefits that these devices provide:

  1. Saving Time: This is one of the major benefits provided by them. The electric grinders cut or grind the objects much faster than manually. They are also used to cut, shape or sharpen the objects saving you time and energy. 
  1. User Friendly: The latest models are much compact, light and effective. You don’t need too much of physical efforts to be applied and can also adjust the speed as per your requirement.
  1. Cost effective: The initial investment might seem costly to you but the cost of owning it in the longer run comes to be much lower.
  1. Professionalism: The objects cut by using these have a better finish and look more professional.


Features To Consider Before Buying

It is an important tool used for grinding, polishing, and cutting. Success with it is only possible when we know the various features to consider before buying it.

  1. Size : The basic structure of all the grinders would more or less be the same but to determine which one would be apt for you is very important to get success with the grinders. Choose the grinder which is easy for you to be able to work with.
  1. Wheels : The wheels are as important as its basic structure itself. There are various kinds of wheels/discs, each one capable of performing a different duty on different surfaces.
  1. Features : There are a number of additional features offered by one or the other model. These features should be well considered before buying one for you. One of such features can be whether the unit is Corded or Cordless. Cordless units provide freedom to move but if you work in a space controlled environment, you would not live to get involved into the additional cost and the inconvenience of changing batteries of a cordless unit. Another feature is the Load Speed which is again a very important feature for it tells the strength of an angle motor in relation to the rotations per minute. Some grinding jobs require lower rpms while the others require higher rpm. So, it totally depends upon the level of your grinding requirements. 
  1. Soft Start: Soft Start is a built in crucial feature that prevents the grinder to wrench or twist on the start-up. For models of large size, the soft-start up provides more control on the unit.
  1. Safety Features: The Safety features built need to be considered before going for a particular model so as to make sure you but the one exactly as per the level of desired safety and convenience.


Grinder Types

These are of four types that can be summarised into Electric, Battery operated, Pneumatic and Petrol Powered. Let us have a look at all of them one by one!

  1. Electric: These are the most widely used grinders on the market and are available in many varieties. These grinders use the mains power to work the motor. Such grinders are available in various voltage ranges directly proportional to the strength required. Heavy Duty Jobs would require a more powerful Grinder.
  2. Battery: Cordless Grinders are more convenient as they provide freedom to move but if you work in a space controlled environment, you would not live to get involved into the additional cost and the inconvenience of changing or charging batteries of a cordless unit. Most of the cordless varieties use lithium-ion batteries because of their low weight and rechargeability.
  3. Pneumatic: Pneumatic varieties are those that make use of the compressed air. Although, such grinders are available in a small size, they have the ability for a tremendous power output. The smaller discs have high rpm that cause them wear early.
  4. Petrol: Petrol Powered models are often large in size and are beneficial for large construction projects. Such models would require the right tap of gas as well as the sufficient amount of supply so as to facilitate you in completing the task. These require much caution in usage so as to avoid any leakage.


Types Of Wheels

These are great for all types of construction projects and repair work. They come with different wheels that are easy to swap as per the requirement of the job. Deciding which wheel or disc is best suited for the job, is still one of the most important decisions need to be made. Let us have a look at the various kinds of wheels:

  1. Straight Wheels: These are by far the most common type of wheels and are generally used for cylindrical, centre less, and surface grinding operations. They wary in size and diameter as per the type of work.
  2. Cylinder Wheels: Cylinder wheels are used in vertical or horizontal spindle grinders and provide a flat surface with no centre mounting.
  3. Diamond wheels: Diamond wheels are grinding wheels that are used to grind very hard materials like, gemstones or concrete.
  4. Mounted points Wheels: Mounted points wheels are small grinding wheels bonded onto a mandrel and are used for deburring applications.
  5. Cut off wheels: Cut off or the Parting wheels are self-sharpening and are often thin. They are used in the construction industry most often for the quick trimming or removal requirements.
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