12 Home Improvement Tools Under $100

I was recently taking a look at my toolkit and I thought I will list down all the important tools that you can start with if you are looking to do a DIY project. All tools that I am listing here are under $100 so that you do not have to break the bank.

Cordless Drills


A drill is a tool that is used mostly for boring holes into surfaces. Used for woodwork, metal work and for construction work typically, people have now started using it for Do-It-Yourself or DIY work. The most convenient for people is a cordless drill. A cordless drill, as the name suggests is one that is operated without a power source. These are usually operated with the help of a lithium-ion battery of various voltages to suit people’s work requirements.

Angle grinders

Angle Grinders

An angle grinder is commonly also called a disc grinder or a side grinder. It is a handheld tool and comes in use for the purpose of polishing, cutting and grinding surfaces. There are three different types of angle grinders powered by a petrol engine, compressed air or electric motor. The cut-off disc or the abrasive disc can be replaced once it has worn.

Impact drivers

Impact Driver

This tool is used mainly by mechanics for removing bolts which are over-torqued. It works by making a sudden powerful downward and rotational force. The direction can be changed for the purpose of tightening the screws as well.

Non contact voltage detector

Voltage Tester

Doing any electrical work can be risky if the right precautions are not taken. A non-contact voltage detector is a tool that lets you do that. The tester either lights up or makes a noise (depending on the type you use) when it comes within proximity of a live wire. The tester also works on wires insulated with plastic to provide you with complete safety.

Utility Knife

Utility Knife

A utility knife can be used for a variety of things. The most popular types of utility blades is a retractable or foldable utility knife that are designed for multiple types of cutting purposes. Lightweight and easy to carry they are most commonly used in warehouses, factories and construction projects for cutting strapping and packing amongst other things.



A commonly used tool, pliers are used mostly for holding objects firmly. Other uses include compression and bending. The force that a person uses on a handle allows for the act to happen with the jaws of the pliers. They are enormously useful because they allow for manipulation of objects that cannot be manipulated by hand due to size or other factors.

Screwdriver Set


Screwdrivers are a basic necessity in all households. It is a tool that is used for removing or driving in screws. With a simple handle and shaft as its components, the shaft is inserted into the head of the screw to turn it appropriately. There are several different types of screwdrivers such as flat-head, cross-head, electrical detection, etc. Screwdrivers are also available in sets where there are multiple screwdrivers available in a set or on with detachable heads that can be changed as per the user’s needs.

Multi Tool


A multi tool is a name commonly used for an oscillating Power tool. It functions on either battery or depending on the model. A range of attachments are available that a person can use as per their needs for sawing, grinding, cutting pr even polishing. The blade or accessory that a person uses is really small and therefore can be used in almost all types of spaces. And are fitted by a mechanism that allows it to rotate back and forth as rapidly as needed. The device allows for precise control. The improved design of battery such as the lithium-ion batteries have made it possible for the tool to be small in size and lightweight and still work as per requirements while allowing the user to work uninterrupted by cable imposed limitations.



A flashlight is also commonly known as a torch in several parts of the world. It is basically a handheld light run by batteries. The source of the light is a small bulb or an LED powered by a battery and assisted by a reflector and switch to turn it off or on. Newer technologies have paved way for solar powered flashlights wherein the battery is powered by charging by the sun as opposed to the conventional rechargeable or disposable battery.

Wet Dry Vacuum

Wet Dry Vacuum

A wet dry vacuum is most useful for cleaning up liquids, snow, puddles, large pieces of debris or ash. It uses a dual bucket like device that separates the sucked in material into liquids and solids. They come with long cords and interchangeable brushes that make them extremely versatile allowing you to use them conveniently.

Portable Compressor

Porter Cable PCFP02003

A portable compressor is used to compress air. It forces air into a storage tank that results in increasing pressure. Once the tank is filled, it is kept until used for various applications.

Orbital Sanders


These are hand held tools used for sanding with the help of a sanding blade. The angle of the head and the disk is usually variable. They are of three types: orbital floor sanders, Electric powered or air powered.

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