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Top 100 DIY Blogs To Follow

Internet has been one of the best things invented by mankind. And in the age of internet it’s a lot more easier to do things on your own than to have to rely on others. Internet has brought with itself a wide range of Do It Yourself activities, or DIY as we simply call it. […]

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31 Easy DIY Woodworking Projects For Beginners

Are you thinking about starting a simple woodworking project? This list contains some great beginner level DIY projects curated from various DIY blogs. Woodworking projects not only help you save money but these can be customized & can be turned into great gifts for your love ones.   House Number Wall Planter built this beautiful, […]

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7 Simple & Quick Fixes To Make Around Your House

Are you looking for doing some quick and simple repairs around your house which will not take lots of time & also can be done easily without spending too much money. Go through the list below where we have identified 7 different fixes you can undertake on your own on a weekend to add value to […]

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How To Remove Paint From Your Carpet

REMOVE ACRYLIC PAINT FROM CARPETS Remove Using Nail Paint Remover or Acetone Surround the paint with paper towels to avoid it from spreading further and making the situation worse.Once you’ve sealed off the paint, blot it with another paper towel to remove whatever amount of paint you can.Apply some glycerin on a paper towel and […]

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Top 5 Home Renovation Ideas For Less Than $100

Your home can get boring to you after some time. And when that happens, you want to look for upgrades, and the first thing to enter your mind is how expensive upgrading can be. Then of course there is the problem of deciding what upgrade to go for.In this article, we have a compilation of […]

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How To Remove Paint, Oil, Rust Stains From Concrete Floor

Remove Paint Stains From Concrete Removing paint stains from concrete can be difficult and tiresome. But with the right product and perseverance you can do it. For small spots: o The first step to clean the surrounding areas. Remove all other dirt and debris. Try to remove paint by scraping or mopping in case there […]

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How To Get Stains Out of Car Seats & Upholstery

Car seats getting stained is a cause of worry for many people. They can be difficult to clean and using the right cleaning agent as per the material is very important or you could risk spoiling the upholstery. It’s difficult to avoid staining unless you check every person who gets in your car with a […]

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12 Home Improvement Tools Under $100

I was recently taking a look at my toolkit and I thought I will list down all the important tools that you can start with if you are looking to do a DIY project. All tools that I am listing here are under $100 so that you do not have to break the bank. Cordless […]

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