Best Random Orbital Sander Reviews – 2017 Guide

Air sanders are pneumatic tools that employ electricity, batteries or a compressor to render a surface smooth and polished. In the last few years, this tool has captured a huge market owing to its easy functioning and low complicacy. Another important factor to be considered is that it is an excellent multi-purpose tool to be used at home or other places for regular cleaning without much capital investment.


Features To Look For Before Buying Sander

  1. Sawdust collection: Most of the sanders come with a dust-bag that collects the sawdust while sanding and prevents the workshop from becoming dirty. It also helps you in carrying out a smooth process by eliminating the need to dump the sawdust every time you sand. But this should not prevent you from using a dust-mask for safety purpose and to eliminate any minor chance of dust entering your body that escapes the sander.
  2. Locking system: Most of the sanders come with a trigger lock that prevents the need to lock the sander manually and lets you focus on achieving proper finish by guiding the sander well.
  3. Grips: Bigger grips or front-end grips make it easier to guide the sander without making too much effort.
  4. Clamps: These are generally used with small sanders when a smooth finish is to be achieved. It lets you lock the sander in an upside position and bring the body to be sanded to the sander to achieve a smooth finish.
  5. Always ensure that the sander comes with a portable transport kit, so that there is no difficulty faced while transporting the unit to different workshops.
  6. Pad-brakes: These are basically used to prevent any scratch on the sanding surface formed due to lifting and keeping the sander in position.
  7. Power: While purchasing the sander, always check the power requirement of the tool and if it is in accordance with your requirement.


Best Random Orbital Sander

Dewalt D26453K

One of the most popular sanders in the market, Dewalt variable speed random-orbit sander comes with a cloth dust bag which collects all the fine dust to keep the workspace free of any sanding particles. The dusting bag further prevents any dust particles from settling on metal objects and helps maintain their surface without any extra care. The high-capacity dust bag and the noise-free functioning make this sander one of the most talked-about and home-friendly product.


  1. Multi-purpose: This sander can be used for pneumatics, as a sander and for grinding purpose owing to its multi-faceted design and use.
  2. Power: Its 3amp motor with high 7000-12,000 rpm helps you achieve a mirror-like smooth finish.
  3. Anti-slip top: The textured body and top creates and anti-slip which prevents any extra sanding or injury from taking place.
  4. Eight-hole sanding pad: The eight-hole sanding pad helps in removing the dust by clearing it right away and collecting it in the dust-bag. It further prevents it from spreading in the air.
  5. Longer switch life: The well-designed sander and the dust-sealed switch give it a longer life than any other sander available in the market. It also adds to the strength of the body.


  1. Power-switch: Some of the customers feel that the power-switch functions badly and is difficult to perform with, especially during the installation.
  2. Variable speed: The variable-speed function does not help much and makes it difficult to work on the sander without providing any support. It requires much more power and strength to control and guide the sander.


This random-orbit sander is a winner as evident from its excellent ratings which clearly indicates how many smiles and happiness it has spread across the world and is still unbeatable with its high power and effective functioning.


Best Palm Sander

Black & Decker BDERO100

A random-orbital sander known for its power-packed performance and high dust removal rate, it is one of the best models introduced in this segment so far. Apart from assisting you on dust removal, Black & Decker BDERO100 is known for its compact design and ease of use.


  1. Compact design: This random-orbital sander is known for its compact design that lets you guide the sander effortlessly without creating any hindrance. It also helps you save time on job and can be easily used following the manual provided with the tool.
  2. High dust removal rate: The random-orbital action helps you achieve a high-dust removal rate and thus a high-end finish. The sander comes with a dust bag which prevents the dust from surrounding in the air and causing any trouble in breathing or cleaning the workspace.
  3. Dust-sealed switch: The dust-sealed switch ensures a long age of the sander and keeps all the dust and debris at bay.
  4. Hook and loop system: Another major quality of using this sander is that it lets you easily fix and remove the sanding sheet using the hook and loop system which facilitates in easy removal of the sheet.
  5. Efficient: The sander is extremely efficient as it also lets you remove dust from curves without any hassle.


  1. Low-power: Some of the users felt that the sander is an amazing piece to work on smaller projects. However, it is difficult to dust bigger objects using this sander.
  2. Sticky pad: Some of the users also felt that the sanding pad did not function well. Though the problem can be solved by following the manual.


This random-orbital sander is a winner for all the right reasons. Its effective pricing adds to its list of strengths that are almost never-ending.


Best Hand Sander

PORTER-CABLE 7424XP 6-Inch Variable-Speed Polisher

An amazing variable speed sander, it can be used to dust rough surfaces and achieve a smooth finish without any problem. The user-manual clearly explains the functions of the sander and eliminates the need for any formal training.


  1. Variable speed: The sander is capable of working in a wide range of speed which lets you work on the piece as per your requirement. Also it is known for high speed dust removal which further reduces the time taken to finish a project.
  2. Removable side-handle: The sander comes with a removable side-handle to provide you with the ease of working on the job as per your wish.
  3. Counter-balance: The counter-balance mechanism lets you use the 6-inch sanding pad without posing any resistance and ensures a smooth finish.
  4. Excellent after-sale service: Some of the customers have shared that they were delighted with the after-sale services of the company when they repaired or replaced the part without any effort.


  1. Hook and loop mechanism: A major drawback of the sander is that it does not come with hook and loop mechanism which makes it difficult to fix the sanding pad. Also, it creates the requirement to buy a separate sanding pad which may not appear to be a viable option to many.
  2. Vibrations: Some of the users reported that the sander posed vibrations in the beginning, though after using it for some time the same faded off.


All in all, this is an excellent buy and is a winner with excellent ratings and cannot be overlooked for any other sander available in the market. Its competitive pricing ensures that the product is the best in its category and the after-sale services are a delight.


Best Detail Sander

BLACK DECKER BDEMS600 Mouse Detail Sander

One of the most well-designed detail sander, black decker is known for its comfort, ergonomic design and reasonable pricing. It is known to work wonders with smaller surfaces and for giving a perfect smooth finish. It is also designed to use different grips as per the task and surface being sand. A good choice for everyone trying out sanding on their own for the first time, this piece is known to have benefitted people with its technology and ease of use.


  1. Dust-collection: The sander comes with a dust-collector which collects the dust into a bag, which prevents the room from getting dirty or making the air heavy to breathe.
  2. Three-position grip: Another major advantage of using black decker detail sander is that it lets you hold the sander in three different positions as per your comfort and job and makes the task easy and fun to do.
  3. Detail-finger attachment: It comes with an add-on to smooth surfaces that are otherwise difficult to reach or work upon. This attachment lets you smooth corners and other intricate portions without any difficulty.
  4. Compact: Most importantly, this sander is compact in size which makes it a steal for everyone operating from a smaller workspace as it helps in space optimization.


  1. Swirl marks: The sander may leave some swirl marks in case the instruction manual is not followed. Therefore, one must stick to the user guidelines provided in the manual.
  2. Sanding pads: Some of the customers noticed that the sanding pads can come-off too frequently, if not well-aligned.


All in all, this is one of the most versatile and easy-to-use sander and can ease your work and reduce the effort required tremendously. It is an excellent purchase in the given price range.


Best Sheet Sander

Makita BO4556K 2.0 Amp 4-1/2-Inch Finishing Sander with Case

This finishing sander is popular for its ergonomic design that lets you easily perform operation on any surface without much formal training. Also, it is convenient switches let you use the sander with one hand and make the dust bag prevents dust from spreading in the room. Known for its quality and impactful power, this sander is a must-have for all those looking to do some serious sanding.


  1. High rpm: This finishing sander provides you with high rpm for fast and smooth finishing. It further enables you in sanding surfaces that are difficult to work upon and achieve desired results.
  2. Precision without noise: Owing to its all-bearing construction, the sander helps you do precision tasks with ease. It is noise-free and thus does not create any disturbance while working.
  3. Ergonomic design: The sander is designed keeping in mind the comfort of the user. Its contoured, rubberized palm grip helps in better handling of sander.
  4. Easy paper installation: Owing to its large-clamping system, the sanding pad can be easily installed and removed, which in turn saves you a lot of time and effort.
  5. Clean-work environment: Due to the sanding-pad dust collection feature, the workspace remains clean and free of dust.
  6. One-hand operation: Its convenient on/off switch location lets you easily operate the sander even with a single hand.


  1. Low-power: Some of the customers felt that the sander had comparatively low-power than their expectation which made it difficult to sand rough surfaces.
  2. Dust-bag: A repeat concern from customers is that the dust-bag keeps falling-off and takes up a lot of time to fix it.
  3. Falling sanding pad: The sanding pad has also been observed to fall several times while sanding due to the improper fixing clamp.


This product is every user’s favorite and apart from minor problems, there is everything praise-worthy about it. Its customer rating stands high, clearly indicating how people are enjoying using this tool to make projects at home.


Other Top Random Orbital Sanders

PORTER-CABLE 382 5-Inch Random Orbit Sander

This random-orbit sander is designed keeping in mind all those people operating from their homes. An excellent tool for all the DIYs, it will not disappoint you for anything from power to precision. With its high-tech technology, this random-orbit sander is a great buy for all those who have no formal training in sanding before.


  1. Dual plane counter: The dual plane counter is known to provide longer switch life, which in turn increases the life of the sander. It also prevents you from any possible mishaps or injury while sanding.
  2. Ball-bearing construction: This function has been incorporated in the sander to ensure maximum speed and excellent speed while sanding without compromising on quality.
  3. Controlled finishing system: This feature lets you work precisely on the job and achieve wonderful results like professionals without any hassle.
  4. Lesser fatigue: The dual-plane counter balance fan reduces the pressure required to sand and thus reduces the fatigue. It also helps in maintaining the temperature while sanding.
  5. Power: This tool is known for its high-power that lets you finish difficult tasks with ease.
  6. Affordability: The major factor about this sander which makes it a total steal is its affordable price and the functions offered at such a low price.


  1. Low rpm: Some of the customers felt that the sander had low rpm due to the sanding pad interfering with the head while operating, though the same can be avoided by mastering the use of sander.
  2. Low-power: Another notable problem that has been faced by many customers with this sander is its inability to perform under heavy pressure and its low-power.


All in all, this random-orbit sander stands as a winner with good ratings from its customers. Its features and competitive price make it a great buy, eliminating the need for any formal training.

Bosch ROS20VSC 5-Inch Random Orbit Sander with Carrying Bag

This random orbital sander is a steal for everyone looking to start a project at the comfort of working from home, and that too without compromising on quality. An excellent product for its price, this is one of the most widely used sanders across the world due to its mind-blowing features that deserve everyone’s attention.


  1. Twist-off dust canister: The twist-off dust canister facilitates easy determination of dust level and detaches easily to throw the dust and prevents it from spreading in the workspace.
  2. Wide-range variable speed: The sander offers a wide range of sanding speed between 7500-12000 OPM and lets you work on the desired speed as per your requirement.
  3. Micro-filter: They help in filtering every single dust particle as small as ½ micron in diameter and keep the workspace clean without any hassle or extra-effort.
  4. Firm hook and loop disc attachment: This facilitates in easy fixing and removal of sanding pads without consuming any time or requiring any formal knowledge of doing-so.
  5. Swirl-free: A major advantage of using this sander is that it is designed to be swirl-free and does not leave any marks on the surface while sanding.


  1. Dust: Some of the customers feel that the dust canister is not so efficient and thus leaves the room full of dust once the job is done with.
  2. Smaller jobs: The sander is an excellent tool to work on smaller projects but does not support much while working on bigger ones and increases the effort and time requirement by a huge difference.


This sander is its user’s favorite and have met all their needs without any worries.


Types of Air Sanders

  1. Belt Sanders: Belt sanders use electricity to sand a place and make it smooth. These are the most precision type tools that are known for being the best while working upon bigger and intricate surfaces. They have a pulley-driven belt installed at the side of the machine which produces the force to sand and aligns it with the surface to be sanded. They are ideal for sanding bigger and rough surfaces like tabletops, doors and remove large pieces of wood really fast. Although the machine requires some practice as force needs to be exerted while driving the machine. A major drawback of belt sander is that they do not have dust collector installed in the unit which makes it difficult to work upon the unit. They are available in transverse and inline units, which can be chosen depending upon the job at hand. Inline units are smaller and portable while transverse units are heavy-duty machines.
  1. Orbital: Orbital sanders also known as sheet sanders are compact units that are used to smooth smaller and more intricate surfaces. They can be used with one hand and create almost no noise while working. They are light-weight and known for their easy functioning. They employ a square sheet to smooth the surface which is fixed to the sander using two clamps. The sander comes with a dust-collection technology which collects the dust through the holes in the sander. As the sander vibrates in tiny circles in one direction, it can result in gouging and make the sanding surface look unpleasant. Their small size makes it easy to transport them to different places.In sheet sanders, the sander constantly moves in the same motion thereby producing uniform strokes which are helpful in sanding corners and other intricate surfaces.
  1. Random-Orbital: These are the most widely used and also the most versatile sanders. They employ electricity or a compressor to function depending upon the type of random-orbit sander being used. They use a round sanding disc which is glued to the sander using an adhesive. The sanding disc along with the sander has holes in it to collect the dust in the dust-collector. The random orbit sander employs a round sanding disc that spins and also produces rotary motion. This way, the resulting motion is random and prevents surfaces from gouging and results in a smooth finish. Random-orbital sanders work the best for achieving a smooth finish and for working on tabletops and other bigger units. It produces almost zero noise which makes it yet more attractive and makes it a better choice. There are various types of random-orbit sanders available in the market and can be chosen from depending upon your requirement and budget.

There are three types of electric random-orbit sanders:

  1. Palm-grip: This is the smallest and the most compact of all random-orbit sanders and is ideal for smaller projects like stripping furniture or paint. It gives you an ultra smooth finish and is known for fast removal. They are economical and best suited for smaller requirements.
  2. Right-angle: These are bigger sanders that are used for heavy duty sanding. They produce comparatively rough surfaces and are used for sanding surfaces like tabletops. It produces smooth surfaces and is known for its precision.
  3. Large inline: These are powerful tools that are used to sand bigger surfaces and require considerable effort to work with. They need to be gripped with both hands to guide the sander in the desired direction and to produce admirable results.


Use of Air Sanders

There are various types of sanders available in the market depending upon the customer’s needs. If a heavy-duty removal is to be done, belt sanders work the best. They are also suitable for larger surfaces and use electricity to function. For smoother finishing, random-orbit sanders should be considered. They employ a compressor to function and are comparatively bigger units.


Benefits of Air Sanders

  1. Ease of Process: Using a sander can ease the process to a large extent when compared with manual sanding. In fact, it also adds a professional touch to your work which can be seen from a distance. Also, it prevents the workshop from getting dirty by preventing the sawdust from spreading here & there.
  2. Time-saving: Manual sanding can be time consuming especially if you are doing it for the first time or have no formal training in same. But with air sanders, you can save a lot of your precious time by using the suitable sander based upon your requirement and use that time into building something bigger.
  3. Risk assessment: Manual sanding can have a lot of prerequisites and may also result in an injury in absence of proper guidance. But in case of sanders, you just have to follow the instructions given in the manual to achieve that silk smooth finish which is hard to ignore.
  4. Improved results: The biggest benefit of using a sander can be clearly seen in the results obtained from manual sanding versus that obtained from using a sander. It not only meets your requirement well but also lets you go a step beyond and work on those smaller areas that were earlier difficult to work upon.
  5. No external help required: Air sanders come with the best of technological advancements and thus there is no external help required to hold the equipment in position or to learn about their functioning to achieve desired results. A manual is given with the sander that explains the functioning of the sander well.
  6. Need-based options: Based upon one’s need in terms of price, power requirement and the purpose of sander, a suitable sander can be chosen from the wide-range of options available in the market.

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